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Welcome to WordPress.com. Pietro (Pete) Savo A new book project planned; the title to reflect on is “Manufacturing Research Practitioner”.

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The title to reflect on is Manufacturing Research Practitioner.

Definition of Manufacturing Research Practitioner (MRP) is a person who engages in real world applied research with a basic understanding of global economies and cultures for advancing manufacturing practices. MRP will have a deep knowledge of how to implement lean manufacturing processes, how to manage the supply chain efficiently, and how to project management, problem solve and work effectively as a team member or leader.

PietroSavo 15:07, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
A new book project planned; the title to reflect on is “Manufacturing Research Practitioner”. Your comments and suggestions welcomed; this project will be my Doctoral Thesis dedicated to developing solutions to improve product development and manufacturing.


Leadership attributes are the inner or personal qualities that constitute effective leadership. These attributes include a large array of characteristics such as values, character, motives, habits, traits, competencies, motives, style, behaviors, and skills. We focus on characteristic, functional, philosophical, and expected results between the leader and the manager. What we have is (ICEE) Integrity, Communicator, Emotional Intelligence, and Empathy, ICEE pronounced I-SEE!

Now I See – Now We See Pietro Savo

Stimulus Understanding (SU)

Stimulus Understanding (SU) represents the human behavior that drives interests outside our normal environment; this stretches our human normality genetic make-up.  by Pietro Savo

Varabiliti-tologist (VT)

Varabiliti-tologist (VT) is a person who studies variability. by Pietro Savo 12-20-08

Holistic Learning System (HLS)

Learning from a book is fantastic, learning from a professor is awe-inspiring, and learning from cohort experiences is priceless… When you combine all three critical elements what you get is a Holistic Learning System wisely created that can promote learning in all directions of human behavior. by Pietro Savo 01-01-2009

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Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo is a Principal Consultant with over 28 years of diverse experience in Business Strategy Improvement (BSI), Leadership Development, Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Systems, Material Management, Supply Chain, Union Shop and consulting environments. Pietro created the term Manufacturing Research Practitioner ™ as the foundation for his Doctoral thesis dedicated to improving the United States Manufacturing Industry.  Dr. Savo has lectured at, Boeing Aircraft, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, Northup Grumman, Raytheon and United Technologies on various subjects such as Lean Thinking, Leadership, Team Building, Quality Systems ISO Registrar Selection and Root Cause Analysis. Taught Root Cause Analysis for American Society for Quality (ASQ). Customized Training Specialties Leadership & Culture & Conflict Resolution Made Simple Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Problem Solving & Mistake-Proof It! Lean Manufacturing & The 6S's: Workplace Organization Evolving Quality Systems ISO 9001:2000/AS 9100:2000 Industry Evolution Building Business with the United States Government and Prime Contractors New Project Bidding Team Improvement Training “Know Your Front End” Published: Root Cause Analysis System for Problem Solving and Problem Avoidance Published: PERFECTION - 10 Secrets to Successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation. United States Navy Veteran View all posts by Dr. Pietro Savo

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