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The Torture Genie Has Been Out of The Bottle Since The Beginning of Time!

During a business flight to Arizona, I sat next to a Greek American who emigrated in 1978. As conversations go typically, any subject is fair game during a flight. This Greek American explained, America’s perception of righteousness, the reason he immigrated to America is now tarnished, and set back 100 years. He went on to explain when America admitted to torturing prisoners that everything that made it a morally acceptable country has now become erased. My response to his thought process and comments was more or less an attempt in reasoning; since the beginning of time, humans have practice some type of anguish to extract information from other humans. I went on to explain that every government and military in the world practices some form of torture for extracting information. The mere fact that America admitted that some forms of torture are used for prisoner interrogation is a sign of America’s true integrity, and when a nation says they don’t use forms of torture to interrogate prisoners, they are not telling the truth. This Greek American looked bewildered as if he couldn’t believe my last comment.

You don’t have to be an advocate of torture to understand that using different forms of anguish treatment exist; it will continue no matter if we approve or not, because necessity is the true Mother Of Invention. This genie has been out of the bottle since the beginning of time, and anguish treatment is just one symptom, and not the root-cause of our problems!


The Next Greatest Generation is Here!

During my Boston flight to Memphis, I met my first face-to-face NFL superstar, Eli Manning. Shuffled through security and boarded the aircraft, like the rest of us; he even fell asleep in his seat. When people noticed Eli, he smiled kindly and his smile quickly overshadowed his celebrity status. We miss so much from watching people on television, Eli’s youth becomes obvious in person, and you cannot help wonder how someone so young could have so much responsibility. During the flight, Eli was reading the book, Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment by George Leonard. A traveler, no different than the rest of us, brings a book to read during the flight, enjoys the quiet, enjoys the distraction, and falls asleep, like the rest of us.

Eli was not what I expected from an NFL superstar, if you did not recognize him, you would not know he was there. Too often, the media portray these superstars as bigger than life, remember Broadway Joe Namath? Eli’s politeness and mere presents brought about my renewed encouragement for his generation. My oldest child is his age, great to see that distinguished people, the next greatest generation with such potential is ready to take charge and engage the world head-on! Eli graciously signed autographs, and he blushed when the flight attendant recognized him, a person cannot fake sincere humble. Humbling greatness is worth writing about; the next greatest generation is here!



Manufacturing Research Practitioner ™ by Pietro

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Manufacturing Research Practitioner™

A Manufacturing Research Practitioner (MRP) is a person who engages in real world applied research with a basic understanding of global economies and cultures for advancing manufacturing practices. MRP will have a deep knowledge of how to implement lean manufacturing processes, how to manage the supply chain efficiently, and how to project management, problem solve and work effectively as a team member or leader.[1] Manufacturing research practitioner represents an army of academic and business manufacturing practitioners who will join forces to become one defined entity.

Manufacturing Research Practitioner

Manufacturing Research Practitioner demonstrated that team based organizational learning does occur when promoted by management, and when supported by a suitable learning infrastructure. The internal manufacturing performance model and the empirical evidence provide an important building block to develop an inclusive theory for preparing learning tactics formulated on business growth strategies promoted by people.Because it represents a proposed model where the empirical evidence suggests rational theories for formulating effective learning strategies in the manufacturing environments. This knowledge comes to acceptable conclusions identifying the genuine importance of organizational learning for human capital. People involvement helps determine good research from poor research and creates solid bonds between researcher and manufacturing practitioner.

The manufacturing world has changed, and the conventional educational curricula for engineers must change along with it. Technical skills provided as the core of almost every engineering degree program are still critical, but the workforce needs to come into industry equipped with additional skills, and the ability to apply what they know to meet challenges that didn’t exist a few decades ago. To be successful, today’s manufacturing professionals need to know how to implement lean manufacturing processes, how to manage the supply chain efficiently, and how to work effectively as team members.[2]

Manufacturing Research will produce more products for fewer resources. With the identification of critical topics, only research that captured the attention of practitioners and researchers since the early 1980s. With the recent popularity of lean manufacturing statistical process control tool quality management in six Sigma and demonstrated the importance of practitioners over into other industries. [3]

Manufacturing Research Practitioner inspires the investment in the culture that creates changes around the people and the by-product becomes the “go-and-do-it” team! Teach the value stream at all levels of an organization. People can be much like a radical undeveloped river flow after a sudden downburst of rain. When you plan for the downburst, what you get in return is a developed flow that is controlled and organized. People become part of the great successes when instilling the values and culture of continuous improvement are focused on developing talent and leadership, innovatively redeploying, and cross training. Incorporating value-added services, standardizing, and production methods creates a robust people infrastructure that is efficient, profitable, filled with quality, and is delivery driven. [4]

As we get closer to understanding the importance of Manufacturing Research Practitioner, clarity or the desperation of how important it is to once again make successful the United States manufacturing industry.


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Term limits, are urgently needed today!

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Our economic blight is in real-time; the warning signs have been there for decades. No one paid much attention to the mess until it was too late; a great reason for making term limits the law for everyone in political office. Politicians get fat and comfortable, while we less fortunate pay the price.


Our United States Founding Father’s intentions were to establish a citizen politician to assure common sense law clarity from our lawmakers, by the people for the people as the guiding motivation. The reality with career politicians is self-sustaining, and to ensure they remain in office for as long as possible. The sad truth is long after these politicians have provided their usefulness to our community; they are still there providing no value at all. Politicians can argue their importance forever, especially those eloquent career politicians; resulting in absolutely no benefit to the citizens.


The missed economic warning signs that have devastated our present and future. Recovery from this mess will depend on creating productive jobs and not unproductive political rhetoric. The important distinction between productive and unproductive jobs, what we are witnessing today is a devastating inequity, and throwing money at it, is not the solution. Can you hear the career politicians attempting to define productive jobs if asked to do so as they continue to spend money foolishly? Term limits, is urgently needed today, as a means to ensure citizen politicians inspired by real-world common sense experiences can make the laws once again.


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