Term limits, are urgently needed today!

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Our economic blight is in real-time; the warning signs have been there for decades. No one paid much attention to the mess until it was too late; a great reason for making term limits the law for everyone in political office. Politicians get fat and comfortable, while we less fortunate pay the price.


Our United States Founding Father’s intentions were to establish a citizen politician to assure common sense law clarity from our lawmakers, by the people for the people as the guiding motivation. The reality with career politicians is self-sustaining, and to ensure they remain in office for as long as possible. The sad truth is long after these politicians have provided their usefulness to our community; they are still there providing no value at all. Politicians can argue their importance forever, especially those eloquent career politicians; resulting in absolutely no benefit to the citizens.


The missed economic warning signs that have devastated our present and future. Recovery from this mess will depend on creating productive jobs and not unproductive political rhetoric. The important distinction between productive and unproductive jobs, what we are witnessing today is a devastating inequity, and throwing money at it, is not the solution. Can you hear the career politicians attempting to define productive jobs if asked to do so as they continue to spend money foolishly? Term limits, is urgently needed today, as a means to ensure citizen politicians inspired by real-world common sense experiences can make the laws once again.


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4 responses to “Term limits, are urgently needed today!

  • Jim Grizzell

    But it isn’t going to be “Another example is the government’s direction to drive a government owned medical system down our throats without clearly understanding the consequences to society.” We Americans (including you if you’re not) can be involved in finding the right low cost, QALY <$50,000 and better than 1:1 ROI medical care if you choose to. The health reform being discussed and researched would offer us choice between private insurance companies that ration care to get the amount of profits they want for themselves and stockholders. The optional competitive government plan Americans the best plan for themselves. In actuality, getting nearly 95% of people to purchase insurance would save us money because we are now each paying $800 – $1,000 per year for health care hospitals provide to those without insurance since the hospitals add that cost for the emergency room visits on to their bills to insurance companies.

  • Pietro Savo

    Thank You Jim,

    It is always good to hear from a health professional…


  • Roy

    I find it interesting to quantify the amount I’m annually subsidizing for health care, however I am more concerned about the current political environment that could enable a dictator-like regime in our country. We need to be acutely aware of the intricacies of bills that are proposed in the house and senate right now. A house unbalanced will surely fall.

  • Rationing Health Care Means You Have Lived Long Enough « Pietro Savo's Blog

    […] Term limits, urgently needed today, as a means to ensure citizen politicians inspired by real-world common sense experiences can make the laws once again. Start calling your government representative; tell them what is on your mind! http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml ; Read, Write and Live Longer! […]

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