The Torture Genie Has Been Out of The Bottle Since The Beginning of Time!

During a business flight to Arizona, I sat next to a Greek American who emigrated in 1978. As conversations go typically, any subject is fair game during a flight. This Greek American explained, America’s perception of righteousness, the reason he immigrated to America is now tarnished, and set back 100 years. He went on to explain when America admitted to torturing prisoners that everything that made it a morally acceptable country has now become erased. My response to his thought process and comments was more or less an attempt in reasoning; since the beginning of time, humans have practice some type of anguish to extract information from other humans. I went on to explain that every government and military in the world practices some form of torture for extracting information. The mere fact that America admitted that some forms of torture are used for prisoner interrogation is a sign of America’s true integrity, and when a nation says they don’t use forms of torture to interrogate prisoners, they are not telling the truth. This Greek American looked bewildered as if he couldn’t believe my last comment.

You don’t have to be an advocate of torture to understand that using different forms of anguish treatment exist; it will continue no matter if we approve or not, because necessity is the true Mother Of Invention. This genie has been out of the bottle since the beginning of time, and anguish treatment is just one symptom, and not the root-cause of our problems!



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