Northwest to Delta Airlines Not Feeling the Love!

In 2008 I flew over 35 round-trips; most of these flights were on Northwest Airlines. Traveling for a living characterizes anything but fun. Airport life is demanding, unpredictable, frustrating and simply stressful. Add the prospect for gambling for lost luggage; and now the recent headlines for the airborne flu threat and having to breathe with the high likelihood of swine flu filled air all about you. Think about this for a minute, breathing in the airtight metal tube filled with only 50% recirculated outside air. This means, the other 50% is germ filled spit, and now have a terrific flight. I wonder how soon before they start selling fresh air? I spend so much time breathing this air that I must have one hell of an immune system, well battle tested antibodies to combat all viruses known to man plus more; let’s hope so anyway.

The daily reminder that air travel is thousands of times safer than driving your car, having a window to roll down to let some fresh in will make that believable for me. Can it get worse, perhaps, yes? Recent Northwest Airlines buy out by Delta has made it even more difficult to feel the love. The transition has been slow; honestly, the superb customer service by Northwest has not transferred to Delta. Delta seems colder, less focused on customer’s satisfaction; a seasoned traveler can quickly sense the difference. Perhaps that is why Northwest is gone, and it may be time to shop around and find the next Northwest Airlines to patronize.



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One response to “Northwest to Delta Airlines Not Feeling the Love!

  • john vaillencourt

    I’m sitting on a plane reading this last year I did roughly 40 something flights on continental and this year I’ve already reached the 60k miles point and often find myself thinking airlines are a great business firts charge anything you want then add fees for basic human necessities and don’t worry your competitors will follow give lousy,I mean no customer service with no accountability or consequences, operate on your own time and schedule or lack there of and when you’ve paid your self enough go bankrupt screw your investors and sell to a competitor who will undoubtedly repeat the cycle I’m surprised the government hasn’t joined in the racket I guess they thought the auto industry would be more profitable

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