Sarah Palin, the common folks 21st century American Knight!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, the common folks 21st century American Knight!

Why do the silver spoon-fed aristocrats hate Governor Palin so much?

This hatred comes from her association with the common folks. Today’s embedded long-term career politicians are no different from the noble class of the Middle Ages. Then out of the American last wild frontier comes a woman not groomed for greatness by attending the finest private schools money could buy. She is a natural people organizer, positive proof that you don’t have to buy votes to win elections. She is a person who’s family is as unpredictable as our own, and far from perfect, yet so truly loved. Her examples of genuine love for her family are an aristocrat’s worst nightmare.

Here is why the aristocrats are now worried, our economic system shaped like a pyramid, the wealthiest 10% of United States families own more than 72% of the total wealth. (Source: Race, class, and gender in the United States by Paula S. Rothenberg) This means the remaining 90% represent the second class citizens, the common folks, and the middle class. 90% of anything represents an amazing number of votes that reacts to positive emotion. Governor Palin gives people a reason for positive emotion, and she gives them a reason to believe that common folks can become great leaders in our society. She represents the truest form of the American dream, still alive today in the 21st Century.

Compounding the aristocrat’s dilemma is the aristocrats can only afford to buy off about 20% of these common folks; the remaining 80% represent a voting revolution thirsty for a new leader.

The aristocrats believe that Sarah Palin is this leader, a common folks 21st century American Knight. She may or may not be the next chosen one, what she will do is shake up the aristocrat tree, and we will all be better-off because of it!

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15 responses to “Sarah Palin, the common folks 21st century American Knight!

  • Rick Scott

    Sarah Palin, the common folks 21st century American Knight! WOW Pietro, perhaps the next Margaret Thatcher! The world desperately needs Sarah Palin!
    Rick was born in Ireland in 2001 out of the frustration of our founders who couldn’t find a single jargon-free resource in either the real world or in cyberspace.

  • Tammy Gabriel


    I am a mother of four, and work full-time. Governor Palin is an inspiration to all working Moms! Thank you for the honest Blog, finally a guy that gets it! God Bless!


  • Mark

    If Palin is the 21st Century American Knight, then I look forward to the end of fuedalism. I actually find Palin refreshing, after all she has certainly infused “Saturday Night Live” with plenty of fresh material. Palin garners quite a bit of attention I will grant, but then again buffoonery always has….

  • Bill


    I hesitate to react and respond to political dialog nowadays, since unfortunately, it of times turns acrimonious. However, Mrs. Palin (and her supporters) does seem to push some of my buttons.

    While I may lean liberal, I consider myself far from the elite and arrogant. While Mrs. Palin is to be congratulated for her rise in Alaska and her ties to the common folk, she remains a very hypocritical and, yes, just another politician, in my eyes.

    She decries giving in and giving up, yet is willing to resign from a job she asked her constitutes to give her. She agreed to a “contract” with the people of Alaska, yet leaves as if a college basketball coach walking away from the players he recruited in search of personal betterment.

    Add to that the shrill indictment of the media for discussing her family. No one politico in my memory has attempted to lean on his or her children to attract voters as she has. Now, she decries the exposure. My guess is that she allowed her Republican handlers to get her into this exposure and now finds she is in an unhealthy position. You reap what you sow.


  • James Palin

    Sarah Palin. Here is some information about the Maverick…

  • syn

    “Add to that the shrill indictment of the media for discussing her family. No one politico in my memory has attempted to lean on his or her children to attract voters as she has.”

    Not interested in your political leanings, but for goodness sakes, be honest.

    I’m am 47 years old and have never seen so horrific of coverage than when the media powerhouse dragged Sarah Palin’s children into the media’s sewer.

    It was so horrific, it became pathological, sick, twisted.

  • Benjamin-StrategyPiech

    Sarah Palin is the next Margaret Thatcher an inspiration to all Europeans, we pray that the next “Mother of a Country” will come from the colonies.

  • greg

    I’ve been voting since 1972, and never once have I voted FOR someone, it was always AGAINST someone. I never found any candidate to be inspiring, they were always out of touch. Palin’s different, if she runs it will be the first time I will go and vote FOR someone.

  • Gladspeak

    Interesting thoughts about Goveneor Palin, our republic needs some new blood, the old blood has bee transfused so many times that it is no longer living. Time for change!

  • Mikeharvey

    Hey from Toronto, Canada

    Just a quick hello from as I’m new to the board. I’ve seen some interesting comments so far.

    To be honest I’m new to forums and computers in general 🙂


  • Nalsprooria

    Comparisons are always a great way to show how differently the Old Media treats conservative and leftist politicians in America today and Obama’s nomination of the Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court gives us another opportunity to see the Old Media’s penchant to excoriate a Republican’s actions while soft peddling and excusing away similar actions by a left-winger. Sarah is here to stay, God Bless!

  • Chloe TURNER

    Indeed cool story you have here. It’d be really cool to read more concerning such matter. Thank you for sharing that material.

  • Tammmy

    Freedom brings responsibility. Traditions is the adhesive that holds families together. So much common sense, your posts give me hope! Thanks Pietro!

  • InfantInfant

    Hello! I’m new here. Just wanted to say hi
    ——— Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?
    Isaiah 53:1 “We The People” – Tea Party Movement the “Second America Independence” WE THE PEOPLE!

  • Tom

    Bravo, the excellent Blog Post!

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