The Will of the People

During a conversation with a gentleman I met yesterday, he made a statement that the Democratic Party had become hijacked by the far left liberals and the Democrat moderates and conservatives, the self-proclaimed Democratic Blue Dogs are beyond belief that this has occurred.

It then occurred to me that perhaps the same statement about the Conservative right hijacking the Republican Party is possible. I do agree something has changed with the Republican Party over the past twenty-five years; I would not call it a hijacking, perhaps more resembling a transformation that began with President Ronald Reagan.

However, the Republican Party does not have the community organizing skills we have witnessed on the Democratic Party side, especially during the past presidential election. Today with the various Tea Parties, and the events of 9/12 what we are witnessing once again is a transformation of historical proportions and it is occurring in all directions around America.

It is not clear if one political party should receive the credit for driving this transformation across America, or perhaps simply the credit belongs to “the will of the people”. “The will of the people” always wins over career politicians, the will of the people” has no political boundaries, and “the will of the people” is what our founding fathers intended.



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2 responses to “The Will of the People

  • Jeff P.

    We have to be very careful of the perception established with a statement such as this. While yes it does appear that the will of the people is driving this transformation the care in identifying this needs to come in conjunction with assuring that the Republican Party is not left for the scrap heap of history as a symbolic representation of the feelings transpiring across the country. Keep always in mind that while some may say that the Republican party has been hijacked by the far right or the excessively moderate end, we need to remember what is identifiable with a party both in the physical and the ideological.

    In the physical we have those representatives elected by you, the people, to not only represent your voice but your political and ideological beliefs. If you must be unhappy with the direction that those representatives have taken your party then you must do the same thing you did in bringing them to the seat that they occupy, elect them out.

    In the ideological sense remember always what your party represents. It is my belief that the Republican Party and all that it represents clearly is a descendant of the principles of our Founding Fathers and reflected in those miracles from God in the form of our founding documents.

    Do not use the willful voices of the people as the means to transform the party but instead use it to itemize those who do not represent the principles at the core of the party. It is not the Party that has lost its way but the occupiers who have.

    Make a difference and let those who are misrepresenting you know that you are determined to find fresh voices who will represent you.

  • Kara Louise Kramer

    Love the phrase ‘descendant of the principles of our Founding Fathers and reflected in those miracles from God in the form of our founding documents.’ Even though the tea-party people are labeled far to the right, most of them value the Constitution & Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, Faith in God = our Founders’ beliefs. I think they are traditional, moderate Americans. Anyone against our foundational principles is not moderate.

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