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A Natural Leader vs. Un-Natural Leader Test

the president

A Natural Leader vs. Un-Natural Leader; it is very straightforward to distinguish the difference between the two:

–A Natural Leader is a leader that people will follow, even if this person does not have granted authority to be the leader.

–An Un-Natural Leader will tell you whatever you want to hear to follow them even when this person has granted authority to be the leader.

Do not over think this; it is that simple.

Now make two columns on a sheet of paper and label the first column “Natural Leader” and the second column “Un-Natural Leader”, then place everyone you know or come in contact with in the appropriate labeled column: you will be amazed at what you discover.

Please e-mail the total quantity from each column.

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Common Sense Folks

common sense

We find ourselves wondering if the government is honestly paying attention to the economic experts or the common sense experiences of its citizens.

Common sense seems obvious if you want to simulate job creation the government needs to reduce or eliminate small business taxes. Small businesses in the United States make up over 75% of the new jobs in our economy and this number represents over 99% of all employers. With reduced or eliminated taxes, business owners can invest money back into their business; they can invest in new business markets, invest in new technologies, and invest in honest American job creation.

Reducing or eliminating business taxes is only half the common sense solution, the other half is not spending money our nation does not have. Most Americans budget for what they need and want, and our government needs to learn the same common sense approach to finance. Becoming a nation that is fiscally smart is not a four-letter word. Fiscally smart begins with the government, because common sense folks understand this important lesson.

Common sense folks created this nation, and it appears common sense folks will need to move away from the kings and princes’ the career politicians of the 21st Century. What is interesting is how we have come full circle, and it appears it is 1776 once again. Voting revolutions by the people, is always welcomed in society because they represent positive progress in a political wasteful environment caused by career politicians.

The intent of the founding fathers was a system of citizen politicians made up of common sense folks well-grounded, in reality, and today the financial waste is clearly controlled by the career politicians. The great intellect and scientist Albert Einstein said; “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Common sense folks the voters understand that 2010 the year of the common sense voting revolution!

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