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Futuring Holistic Framework for Business Leaders

Dr. Pietro Savo American WriterFuturing Holistic Framework (FHF) for business leadership’s strategic organizational change is an all encompassing holistic directional change. Directional change is much more than goal setting and trending out or forecasting a business’s objective desired results. When the word holistic comes into play, it must spark relevance instilling a level of research comfort not yet experienced in the business community. Holistic relates to the entire complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into one part, hence, directional change becomes the natural by-product of Futuring Holistic Framework, the study of all parts of a business.

Futuring Holistic Framework reflects and encompasses an entire thought or battery of thoughts that represents a method to invent, develop and implement positive events in the business’s future that come in the form of directional change. What evolves is an all-encompassing mind-set for business learning. With the all-encompassing mind-set, organizational leaders in business combined with academia. This joining provides the means to understand business trends, and predict the future with certain accuracy because this combined involvement contributes to inventing the positive business future guided by a directional change.

Perceived Futuring Holistic Framework mind-set is neither present nor future; it is a simple blending of natural time that moves in directions fueled by the joining of business leaders with academia. Application of Futuring Holistic Framework techniques is wide open, and yet so little of the business’s and academia’s visionaries have ventured there. This venture perhaps will build interest in conducting business in the present; and ultimately the future as well.

Futuring Holistic Framework process is motivational because future business successes evolving from it become successes experience today in the present. Experienced business successes are greatly quantifiable and impact the business’s bottom line. The future is so important, and with great depth what is required to predict it, explore it and change it. The future is in the journey; why not embrace it by encouraging directional change in all directions, one more exciting than the other.

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