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It really comes down to term limits!


Our founding fathers recognized the importance of having citizen politicians. Citizen politicians defined over 235 years ago as people who participate in the political process, and these people come from all walks of life, such as farmers, businesses, law practices, inn keepers, chimney sweepers and schoolteachers.

These citizen politicians participated in the people’s government result in fresh new realist practical ideas from the communities they live in. These ideas coming from the community bringing reality and cultural inspiration based on real world experiences. These citizen politicians representing the people’s government and after their politicking is done they simply travel home to their citizens lives once again.

What is deeply saddening is the evolutionary process of the professional politician, who’s only goal in life is to stay in that elected seat full-time and forever. Without ever relinquishing this position resulting in stagnant ideas, with no possible sense of connection to the real people that elected them. In addition, a lack of connection to any sense of reality at all, these professional politicians are more closely aligned to an elitist mindset nowhere grounded to the community they are supposed to represent.

Political elitists have no direct correlation to the citizens that they represent, in most cases these professional politicians are not even from the same state. The only reason that these professional politicians are there, is because a great deal of money is now made for being a professional politician. Our founding fathers never intended to make citizens full-time politicians, or they would have written term-limits into the constitution for all elected officials from dogcatcher to the president.

Instead, what we have today a professional politician with no real connection back to the community that they represent, and what happens is “we the people” cease to exist.” “We the people” today are no longer the foundation for this government, and we the people have become merely three words in the English language.

Not going to happen on my watch; Our voices are powerful and true!

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January 19, 2010 linked to July 4, 1776

The political guesswork is at hand, January 19, 2010 linked to July 4th, 1776. With the vast network of politicians spending millions of dollars to help us determine who we vote for, and yet never really understanding the needs of the people. With the negative and positive adds, as well as the truthful as dishonest ads simply confuse the voter more. While all candidates have one thing in common, a desire to focus your vote, to earn your vote, and to get you out to the voting booth.

What is forgotten is that our founding fathers intended for the politicians to be citizen politicians. A citizen politician, an elected person who goes back to their farm, law practice, business, military job or home when the politicking job is done. Our founding fathers intended for the politicians to be the voice of the citizens, not the voice to keep the politician in office for life.

What is forgotten, is our founding fathers intended for this great nation never to just focus on one view or the other, but to focus on the people’s views. The people’s views are never-ending and always in some form of change, because the people views are all that matters. What is important with the election on January 19. 2010 is our current politicians are simply that, politicians who have lost focus on the people’s views.

Our founding fathers knew what they were doing…. when the government forgets they work for us the citizens, the system they created will adjust…. January 19, 2010 the adjustment begins…

Our founding fathers understood these moments in history would occur when an adjustment becomes needed; one candidate experienced in both civilian and military life has made his candidacy a formidable foe against a Large-Out-Dated-Democratic-Machine in Massachusetts.

Perhaps the reason we are here today it’s time for a different view, it’s time for the people’s view, and the people’s voice will vote on January 19, 2010, and may the adjustment begin…

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2010 Is The Year Of The Family!

Family values begin at home and follow you throughout your daily adventures. Daily adventures that include making a living, going to school, running errands such as shopping, visiting with friends, and struggling to maintain stability in our lives comes from basic family values. Family values are based upon common values and common sense that are passed down from generations to generations. Today society often confuses family values to one form of religion or another; in fact, family values are foundational in Gods common values fed by faith. With that knowledge, we all share the same God.

Happy New Year, and please allow 2010 to become your year of the family!


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