I Have Been Told That I Am Too Patriotic!

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I have been told that I am too patriotic. I am the son of immigrants and my parents came to this country with only one suitcase that contained all their belongings. When they arrived in America, they were expected to become productive members of society, they were also expected to speak English, and if they could not achieve these two important requirements, they were expected to leave the country. Be productive and speak English, two clear-cut choices. My parents stayed and raised four productive children with English becoming their primary language.

Being the son of Italian immigrants, you would think I would have a natural interest in water fountains since Italy is historically known for their beautiful fountains. Since I am not interested in water fountains my wife surprised me and gave me a water fountain for my 50th birthday, and she is Irish, so I am not sure where that came from. Today was devoted to wiring the water fountain, to get it running because this project has been on my-honey-do list since July. Our home is 230 years old and wiring anything is a treacherous act in its self, and I am happy to report we were successful and the fountain is now running creating tranquil sound to relax with.

Not stopping with this wiring project was my plan, you see I live about 13 miles from the Massachusetts northern border in New Hampshire, and many of the neighbors are transplanted from Massachusetts. My neighbors have made comments about the large size of my American flag attached to my 30-foot flagpole, with a large gold eagle on top, located and planted freely in my front yard, on more than one occasion.

Perhaps I am too patriotic, is it possible to be too patriotic? The dedication to installing and having a running water fountain acquired the same wiring talent needed to place a bright spotlight on this American flag in my front yard; I owe this to my neighbors. Now our flag is visible for many miles a proud red, white, and blue American flag waving freely in the night. Perhaps I am too patriotic, and honestly, that is a good place to be!



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