United States Manufacturing Needs a Quality Plan

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Plan for Quality!

Quality is not by chance, quality is hard work, and quality is the art of making sure that everyone who comes-in-contact with the project understands the requirements in black and white with no gray areas. The phrase “it is good enough” is not quality.  Solution: have a project kick off meeting for every new project; include the stakeholders (engineering, planning, purchasing, production, production floor operators, and quality). If any stakeholder is not sure of the requirements, then the project has not been planned out correctly. Guessing leads to scrap!

 •        Project kick off meeting for every new project

Execute Plan for Quality!

Focus on schedule, time-line, allow enough time for the unplanned process steps that occasionally creep up and remember human variability is the original constant.

Solution: provide people contact information for solution providers when process variability creeps into the plan. Make it clear to everyone in the project who is to be contacted when the production floor operator or anyone has questions, place this information on the Shop Traveler.  Leave nothing to guessing, hoping for the best, or worse asking the wrong person the question results in scrap.

 •        Provide people contact information for solution providers, and place this information on the Shop Traveler.

Production Flow for Quality!

Develop production flows for the most efficient sequence of process steps, when the need arises to deviate from the production plan or production flow because of any reason. For example, a reason could be, but not limited to the following; machine or tooling availability, operator availability, and outside process availability, the Shop Traveler is to be Redline referencing the sequence or process step deviation. Solution: any change from the planned sequence or process steps requires a signature from the planner. With change to the sequence of process steps comes risk, so minimize these changes at all cost.

 •        The project planner must approve the redline to the Shop Traveler all sequence or process steps deviations from the original plan.

 Ship for Quality!

This is the most difficult ingredient of Think Quality Formula. When the product produced results in any deviation from customer specifications, it is not considered quality. In our perfect world results occasionally deviate from customer specification. Solution: The customer is the only one who can approve the deviation.

 •        The customer is the only one who can approve the deviation.

Build Quality in every part!

I understand a company is not a light switch, and that change cannot be made that quickly, today that seems to be the excuse to do nothing at all, or worse continue business as usual.  Business as usual is not a happy place and employment in the manufacturing sector of the United States has been falling for at least 50 years. The portion of manufacturing employment in 1950 was about 35%, in 2004, this number is a staggering 13%, and 2010 this number is 5.95% (Fisher, 2004).

Business as usual is not working…. we must embrace incremental change, we must begin to focus on a quality first mindset, and we must do this now!

 Reference: Fisher, Eric O’N. ”Why are We Losing Manufacturing Jobs?” Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Commentary, July 2004

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