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It’s The People Stuff That Makes All The Difference!


So many people fail in this area of knowledge because we are taught it is the material things that makes life important. Simply forgotten in the people scheme of our busy lives; the people stuff that is the only thing that matters, and the people stuff are perpetual in design.

Perpetual in the truth that no matter what forces motivate us, the human factors will drive use toward the same goal. People are the perpetually uninterrupted form of life. You cannot be people, unless your soul is long lasting and unending.

What confuses people is that our physical life is finite. We begin to lose sight of that from our first breath on earth, a moment in time, which represents an evolutionary life progression. A life yielding to spectacular events, infused with the people stuff. Leave the world a little better than you find it!

Dr. Pete

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Six Rules of Success

American Writer

Six Rules of Success

1: Commitment is your bond…
2: Leave nothing to chance or guessing…
3: Wake up every day and say something positive to a minimum of six people…
4: Honesty over Bull…
5: Success is everyone’s privilege…
6: Share success, don’t be selfish, plenty of success out there for everyone…

Study people and you will notice a trend. Successful people are spontaneous, and they do not give success a choice. All-and-all successful people drive success to levels that are not imaginable. So study successful people and watch the wonders around them radiate. The six rules of success are achievable, livable and for all to learn. Master them and watch what happens next, the natural by-product becomes your success.

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Life’s Glories

nh sky

Life’s Glories

Early morning stirrings, fresh New Hampshire air entering my lungs.

  • Luxurious sensuous stretching, warm blood through my body.
  • Warm sleepy skin awakening to the remembrance of your touch.
  • Morning glories, memories of love to come. Coffee in the garden, your smile in my heart. In the early morning dew, the freshness of your laughter.
  • To the bright birdsong serenade, much the same as the sound of our own breath.
  • Nurturing sunlight coaxes a warm bond between our souls.
  • Unfurling purple-blue blossoms of passion.
  • Into the morning light creating a glorious beginning to a new day.

Morning glories, memories of love to come…

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