Small Business Survival (SBS)

Pietro Savo American Writer

Small business survival depends on smart business leaders hiring even smarter people.

Hiring smarter people is important, what is of greater importance is keeping the smart people you already have. Smart people retention is a small business dilemma because business leader’s egos block the focus on the business reality, that these smart people play a significant role in the survival of the business. Much the same as publicly carrying out executions by decapitation during the French Revolution, “Off With Their Heads” cried the Crowd. Business leaders today shoot from the hip in a guillotine fashion, motivated by egos and emotions, resulting in the small business loss of valuable talent.

What often happens with business leaders is a sense of complacency sets in, delivering cultural solutions that do not fit the entire enterprise, the “Off With Their Heads” mindset slowly depletes valuable resources, and these businesses fail. The entire organization is a living entity, with emotions, with needs, with viewpoints that may not reflect the business leader’s viewpoints. These viewpoints are the catalyst for creativity in a small business. These viewpoints generate the fuel needed for business to stay alive and thrive in today’s complex marketplace.

  • As a business leader, you must embrace these different viewpoints and encourage them to flourish in your organization.
  • What is important is to encourage different viewpoints at all levels of the organization, because this then becomes the sustainable strategic element for business market survival.

Fresh ideas, new ways of thinking, which are encouraged to flourish, bring about changes that result in business success.

by AMERICAN WRITER Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2010


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