Gaining Market Superiority

American Writer by Pietro Savo

Market superiority, capturing the market requires a mindset that is open to change, open to unthinkable possibilities that could occur in the targeted market. The key element is to characterize your enterprise core business, what makes you get up in the morning and go to work, what products and services that excite you as a business practitioner.

Characterize your enterprise in the way that establishes the enthusiasm in what you do for a business that could easily relate to people around you. These people around you are the stakeholders of your consumer market. Stakeholder awareness, developing greater areas of consumer interest is the stuff that the marketer must learn to exploit to broaden their market, and establish a greater market. Growing this market to superior levels is how money is made.

Understanding comes in a couple of areas; the first area is your product function and consumer buying history. The second area is that your characterizing your enterprise, promotes the necessary change, to adjust your business inputs and outputs, to meet consumer needs. By characterizing your enterprise, you allow the opportunity to reposition your product brand to meet your product output and take advantage of innovation as it comes along. New technology provides opportunities for adjusted prices, exciting new promotions and encourages a new competitive advantage. A new competitive advantage becomes business’ new life blood.

What you will find is perhaps your product outputs will stay the same but the market mix will change. This change affects product price and how you promote your product going forward from this point in time.

Redefined your market position, sometimes it becomes necessary to rebrand or launch your product offering a second time. What is recommended, change the product name, the packing appearance, and adjust the marketing mix investment?

The consumer likes to change. The consumer likes new packaging; the consumer gets excited when engaging with the concept of fresh and new. Same product and service, with a facelift to re-enter the same market demands a substitution for the consumer excitement to continue. Consumer excitement is the stuff that makes everyone money!

by AMERICAN WRITER Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2011


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