“We The People” find ourselves searching for the next great leaders.

American Writer by Dr. Pietro Savo

Regardless of your political beliefs; and yes your political beliefs are no different then religious beliefs. Those special people inside forces that form our thought processes and opinions occur around the clock for every person on earth. These are all uniquely evolving beliefs. We have come to a place in history where are understanding of political opinions within the two top political parties, the democrats and republicans has developed and implemented a “Resolved Stalemate“. With a resolved stalemate comes a by-product and weakness call “Anti Progress“. That reason some of the political stands that political figures makes sense to us and the rest does not. What becomes important is to align ourselves with a politician who we agree with, and is focused on building a brighter future, this brighter future comes about by creating “Progress“; and this progress is tightly connected to technology and educating people.

To further emphasize the importance of technology and educating people. History evolved the industrial revolution occurred, technology gains occurred, and higher levels of education gained its prominence because people less educated then our current generation used their intellect to avoid “Anti Progress“. Hence, the natural by-product became “Progress“. Today science will not launch space satellites to look for “Anti Progress” and its origins. Because science today has simply fallen into the unenthusiastic grips of “Anti Progress”.

(A Very Long Sentence on Purpose) From the early 1500 to the early 1900 people “Progress” brought us astonishing useful innovations; stocking frame, a mechanical device for knitting stockings, steam engine, the spinning jenny, the power loom, electric motor, analytic engine–the forerunner of the computer, telegraph, photographic paper, pneumatic tire, practical sewing machine, Trans-Atlantic Cable, Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species, dynamite, telephone, phonograph, Microphone, incandescent lamp, skyscraper, machine gun, automobile, radio waves, Eiffel Tower, Diesel, Cinematograph, X-rays, wireless telegraph, Aspirin, first powered flight, and Henry Ford invents the manufacturing assembly line, to mass-produce the Model T. In the 20th Century, we simply exploited invented technology, this is industrial “Progress.” Some will argue that the 20th Century brought us space exploration, television, cell phones, IPods, the Internet, and flat screens. This maybe obvious to us today, however the technology began is rooted in the 19th Century. The obvious example is the current space shuttle retires from service this year and its replacement has never flown or is adequately funded to make a viable spacecraft and a viable space program. Proof the “Anti Progress” has become our generation’s normality.

The question that arises, has our generation lost it adventure gene, has our generation lost its creativity gene? The short answer is that some of the reasons were political, yet many of the problems were technical. Politically motivated poor spending brings us no spending in our need to advance technology and educating people. Advancing the necessary technology with educating people will bring us the needed Progress for the next great spacecraft.

Making best use of technology and educating people come about by strong inspirational leadership that represents all the people. Today our leaders only represent those who contribute graciously to their campaigns and the rest of the people fall short. The fall short component is a major contributor to “Anti Progress“.

Why is technology and the education process so important, it provides the means for society to promote the ability of people to dive in and work directly hands-on with everyday problems regardless of the complexity. What becomes the natural by product is the gained ability to sustain and share positive knowledge that encourages multiple solutions. The multiple solutions become the learning curve applied to other areas of our society that leads to greater opportunities for all of society. Greater opportunities is the force that eliminates the “Anti Progress” death grip on society and promotes Progress that we can count on!

We The People” find ourselves searching for the next great leaders. The next great leaders happen when we align ourselves with a politician who we agree with, and when we align ourselves with a politician focused on building a brighter future. This brighter future comes about by creating “Progress” through technology and educating We The People!

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2011


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2 responses to ““We The People” find ourselves searching for the next great leaders.

  • Liane

    Excellent points you made, Pete! It is amazing how much progress our ‘People’ have made during the 20th Century, and how much value was placed on educating our youth. From my own analysis, leadership selection is based on popularity and not evaluating how well the Candidate will do in ensuring our Country remains progressive and self-sustaining. Instead of rewarding innovative individuals and advancing those who contribute to the growth of our nation, we vote for false prophets aka politicians who support the non-contributing people, bringing our Country into financial devastation. Sadly, our Education system is pathetic, and not from the lack of good teachers. It stems from the Administration and the greed and corruption within its Departments, State, Counties and District Offices. Your tax dollars are NOT funding your child’s education. You are contributing to the on-going greed within the Education Administration. The leaders you voted into office say they want to improve the education system, but what happens when people are educated? They tend to question the intent of the Candidate and look for the truth. Our politicians do not want us hard-working tax payers
    educated. They would rather you remain ignorant and submissive. So, when are we Americans going to take action, and take back our “Progressive” Country?

    Technology has made tremendous improvements to our survival with advancements in medicine, and has brought together more people, interconnected. The need to integrate technology within education is important and challenging since teachers need to be properly trained fir this to be successful. Again, this brings us back to funding fir this training, and lack if funds in Education – because of the fraud, not there not being enough money spent on education. I would like to read about investigations conducted within our Public Scholl Administrative areas, and see what you uncover. Are you up for the challenge?

    Thank you for your interesting articles and sharing your vast knowledge and experience, Pete!

    • Dr. Pietro Savo

      Thank You Liane,

      Education does not make a person smarter, what it does is it encourages different thinking. Our society requires different thinking to drive and sustain progress. My thoughts “different” is the fuel that make use adventurous, ambitious, and drive passion. Adventurous, ambitious, and passion promotes overcoming obstacles and solving problems. Albert Einstein said,“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Different by the shear power of education is always welcomed! Thank you for your amazing insights!!!!!! Special Regards, Pete

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