Your Business Quoting Strategy Should Always Result in Profit!

Dr. Pietro Savo American Writer 2011

Your Business Quoting Strategy should always result in Profit! – When business expenses are greater than the Revenue, this diminishes profit every-time!

Revenue >Business Expenses = Business Success

Revenue must always be greater than your business expense, or “you will go out of business.” For all practical reasons let us all agree a diminished profit quoting strategy is caused by “Quote-Everything-itis Syndrome“. Quote-Everything-itis Syndrome is a common disease that businesses find themselves engaged in when they forget revenue must match their reality to deliver product and services. Companies do not realize they are doing it. The only clear sign is that revenue goals never seem to be reached, and great frustration tends to be the norm because you do not have enough time to quote efficiently and smartly. A business suffering from “Quote-Everything-itis Syndrome” quotes every request for proposal (RFP) and request for quote (RFQ) that comes across their sales team’s desks, even if it is something they have never done before.

Have you ever heard or said this phrase yourself? “Don’t worry if we win the job, we will figure out how to get it done.”

An old culture out there believes that increased sales are a result of quoting everything. This quoting strategy gives the false perception that the sales team is working very hard establishing a vicious cycle of wasted resources, “Quote-Everything-itis Syndrome” clearly a debilitating disease a business needs to avoid.

In today’s modern business regardless of what your business is; losing sight over revenue vs. business expense quickly becomes a shocking awaking.

Signs to look for when revenue is not greater than your business expenses.

1. Borrow money to make payroll consistently week after week.

2. Having to dip into cash reserves until there are no reserves left, yes cash reserves.

3. Stuck in the cycle of paying suppliers and service providers out to 60 days, 90 days or greater steadily

4. Having a fair amount of credit hold from suppliers and service providers consistently

5. Suppliers and service providers demanding COD

6. Banks limiting credit or no credit at all

7. Missed payroll

8. Sand in your ears, hair, and up your nose, from spending too much time with your head in the sand, ignoring this mess and hoping everything will be ok.

9. Quoting everything in sight regardless if you can win it or not.

Modern Business is Fixable

The good news everything is fixable, because business is a resilient entity. Businesses have been around for as long as humans have walked the Earth. The focus becomes one of quality quoting verses quantity quoting as you drive your business revenue strategy forward. A revenue strategy that must be team based. Team based revenue strategy is developed and implemented by more than one person. Team based revenue strategy brings to the table a stable experience foundation administrated by a well-rounded business reality. By adding people to the revenue strategy, the percentage of business reality perception doubles by each new person added. A one-person team is guessing, wishing, and not formulating strategies because of their limited business experience and results in “Quote-Everything-itis Syndrome“.

How to Avoid the “Quote-Everything-itis Syndrome“;

  • Quoting reality perspective improves with quoting teams greater than one person
  • Everyone on the quoting team has an equal voice, regardless of titles
  • Reduce quoting risk by team voting
  • Once a quote is voted yes or no, move on don’t linger
  • Minimum 8% Profit for every quoted job or don’t quote it!
  • Always target quality quoting over quantity quoting

PS. Your Business Quoting Strategy should always result in Profit! When business expenses are greater than the Revenue, this diminishes profit every-time guaranteed! Now Don’t Make this a Guarantee in your Business Reality!

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2011


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