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Online Education the Modern-day Holy Grail (The Next Gold Rush)

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The online education phenomena of the 21st Century and the future of higher education today is achieving technological digital presence equal to the quest for the Holy Grail itself. We are witnessing educational success from revitalized higher academic practices.

The modern-day Holy Grail is the digital age where the academic industry is no longer limited by physical location or by time. This newly found Holy Grail, fueled by the limitless power of the human mind mastering technology’s gift for delivering education at the speed of light.

The online education change is witnessing significant business growth and many institutions of higher education are rushing to add online content. Higher education’s financial business profit counters (the money people) can see the huge amounts of efficient money resulting from the modern-day Holy Grail (the next gold rush); and they want more. The desire for greater profits drives academic change, regardless of the old academic brick and mortar mindset! Academics tasked with delivering online programs that do not reduce the quality of education nor diminish the institutions’ reputation; the success rates are very high, and making a great deal of efficient money contributes positively to the motivation to implement quickly!Online education is cost-effective, because you can add an infinite number of students without having to build expensive classrooms or dorms.

Today’s universities and colleges are rushing to become, the digital online community, a community limited by only imagination. Online schools are enjoying the benefits of the modern-day Holy Grail in the form of large profits, and endless reach of smart students worldwide, an academic growth never-ending and far reaching, and yes we are witnessing the next gold rush

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