Military Friendly Colleges and Universities

Dr. Pietro Savo

Military Friendly takes on different values depending on whom you interact with. My travels take me across the country to visit many of our great nations Military Friendly Colleges and Universities. Every higher-education Military Friendly institution visited takes on a new Military Friendly meaning. Meaning fueled by the higher education institution’s own actions, their genuine enthusiasm to reach out to our Military Community.

Our society has had cold and hot emotional periods with regards to our Military Community. Yet; everyone agrees that the freedoms we take so dear, have a price. Our Military Community pays this price everyday.

This Blog is my observation, my patriotic fueled emotion that bleeds RED, WHITE & BLUE, and this emotion encourages my opinion. This is not an endorsement, simply my observation. The Military Friendly actions taken are greatly appreciated by this former United States Navy Sailor.

This Blog will only mention three Military Friendly Colleges and Universities that seem to take an additional step. This Blog is my observation, my patriotic fueled emotion that bleeds RED, WHITE & BLUE, and this emotion encourages my opinion, which I have many. This is not an endorsement, simply my observation.

The Military Friendly actions taken are greatly appreciated by this former United States Navy Sailor.

GateWay Community College in Phoenix Arizona, a visitor can’t miss the sign posted in the Enrollment Services; “Veterans Have Head Of The Line Privileges”.

Argosy University, 19 locations across the United States an education formidable presence. Their nationwide Veteran hiring practices brings about the perception that a Military welcome sign is posted nationwide as well.

Saint Leo University in Saint Leo Florida left me speechless. When we experience the goose bumps associated with waterfall tingling effect when something truly inspires us and grabs hold of some emotional force within all of us. A tribute in the form of a bronze artwork; “For Those Who Serve,” located center stage at the heart the Student Community Center Complex honors the men and women of the armed forces and celebrates the gift of knowledge shared with service members over a span of three decades.

These three institutions of higher education promote a relentless dedication of support services for service members.

Military Friendly institutions of higher education promote a relentless dedication of support services for service members. Their actions speak louder than words; their actions place an emphasis on the true source of the freedoms we all enjoy every day!

Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo, New Hampshire President Elite SDVOB Network

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2012

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    It’s hard to search out knowledgeable individuals on this subject, however you sound like you know what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  • Vista College

    A future spa owner

    I wanted to own my own business someday. I had my future all mapped out. First, I was going to enlist in the military and serve for several years. When I completed service, I would return home and begin working the plan that would eventually lead me down the path to becoming an entrepreneur.

    First, I was going to try to get an entry level position in a spa or salon in my area. I had made up my mind that I would take the first position in a salon that was offered to me. I was open to any type of position. As long as I was working in a spa or salon, I’d be in a place where I could learn more about the business, I reasoned. It took me a little time to get the position I wanted, but I finally got hired on at a great spa in my hometown. I made it a point to learn as much I could about the business, making myself available after hours to help out wherever needed.

    After getting acclimated to my new job at the salon, I began looking for programs that could provide me with the training I needed to get started on my massage therapy training. I came across a school site that appeared to be what I considered a military friendly college, it even offered scholarship for veterans opportunities. I saw the Massage Therapy Diploma and Certificate program. I placed a call to see what more I could learn about the program. “Perfect,” I thought. The training was exactly what I needed, and I could finish the program in less than a year. I enrolled in the program and completed it within ten months.

    After completing the massage therapy training, I approached a massage therapist who worked at my salon about shadowing her. I wanted to learn more about her day-to-day activities. She ended up agreeing to let me shadow her for a few hours out of the day. The spa owner was very accommodating. Soon after, I began applying to positions as a massage therapist. I finally landed a position working in my profession.

    It doesn’t end there. I am currently working toward my Bachelor’s in Business Administration. After completing this program, I plan to start looking at spa franchise opportunities available. I’m going to work this plan until I get there, no matter how long it takes. With my drive, I’m certain I will own my own spa one day.

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