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Countermeasure to the restrictive and damaging effects of the extraordinary regulatory and political challenges on higher education is HEAT!

Dr. Pietro Savo

Higher Education Aeration Technology (HEAT) is what I call improvements in education powered by innovation. Without a focus on career and higher-education improvements and innovation, the entire industry becomes stagnant. Just as stagnation in pond water can’t sustain life; stagnation in higher education can’t sustain intellectual growth. Using advancements in technology such as online education systems acts as a countermeasure against this stagnation injecting fresh air. Accredited online courses, degree programs and training certificates have become the bridge joining innovations and education improvements.

I define HEAT as the natural countermeasure to the restrictive and damaging effects of the extraordinary regulatory and political challenges. HEAT drives career education into an evolutionary practice that seeks out education delivery improvements. These improvements should be designed energetically to provide a higher-quality education to reach more people.

“HEAT is the infinite online education process reducing education boundaries, resulting in smart education for all”  Dr. Pietro

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2012

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