Music The Universal Language

American Writer - Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo

“THE INGREDIENTS OF INSPIRATION – Is the time and wisdom of people who desire to build bridges across all language boundaries.”   Dr. Pietro Savo

While attending my youngest daughter’s High School Christmas Concert. The quality of the choir and concert band performances, amazing talent from people so young. In addition, the concert bell section playing was much like an angel’s movie sound track. Truly, an inspirational holiday spirited event. I do not remember my high school musical experiences in the same light. Perhaps this is a proud parent’s moment in the present, more than a memory from the past. The quality of the concert a tribute to the public school system.  During this concert, a stage filled with high school young people from all nationalities, religions, and cultural beliefs. With one common language between them, the language of music.

A simple Google search can uncover the comparative studies of music, and the increasing amount of research interests. Like language, music is a human universal involving perceptually isolated elements organized into hierarchically arranged sequences to produce feelings and emotions that are interpretable and transferable to others around you (Patel, 2003). What makes music different from language is it remains interpretable by any musician in equal means regardless what their natural language and culture.

We have often heard that “music has the charms to soothe the savage beast”; yet rarely understand how true that may be. Tragedies seem to follow the human community around the world, is as if we are still struggling to evolve from the cave mentality. Perhaps the solution is not improved weapon systems, design to destroy instead of build humanities greatness. Perhaps the solution is to understand the true power of the planets only Universal Language; Music? In our research journey, we have uncovered integrative medicine solutions embrace many healing arts remedies, including music. The universal language of music is simple. Music has the power to place the entire human community on the same page. This power is often forgotten, and communicates unspoken messages that heal not.

The healing power of music in the health care setting creates a healing environment, shields us from pain, allows us to relax and de-stress (Briggs, 2011). It appears, we have lost the notion that pain and stress can be reduced or eliminated altogether by the true Universal Language that the Creator intended us to share. Such a language that encompasses beauty is not by chance. People who have never even listened to the radio before can, nonetheless, notice happy, sad, and fearful emotions in country western music (Universal Truths, 2011). Then why can humanity design music that ensures that positive emotion associated with Music becomes the ultimate driving force?

Music then has the potential to “accelerate-to-accelerate” inspirational forces that bring the entire planet to one universe. Music then can become the Spontaneous process of collaborative creativity affected through non-verbal social interaction, is a unique psychological phenomenon and universal capacity for goodness. Pope Benedict XVI  said “Music is the harmony of differences”  …

Perhaps our differences by the sheer power of Music can unite our similarities to empower a positive, and  productive human community.


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by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2012


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