Common Education in a Complex World

Pietro Savo American Writer
Originally Published March 6, 2010

Real world education lags behind today because teaching and research activities nominally directed towards complex, real-world problems that are inherently interdisciplinary from the past. In today’s modern world of speed of light communication, problems that are 1 year old are too old, and not reflective of real-time. Business schools must step up the urgency, today teaching students to ask questions is not enough; students need to derive the solutions in the same breath. Urgency is dependent of focusing on the interests of business disciplinary academic journals, and walking into a business and teaching class in the real combat zone, a true academic zone where the business decisions are real-time.

Today much of the academic work of business school professors are inclined to create a focal point on the interests of disciplinary academic journals from past studies that do not apply to the real world today. With the pressures from an academic business focus to educate students as a means to generate revenue, this results in unprepared business school graduates developing devastating business unproven unrealistic business strategies. Resulting in isolated points of view, unable to develop and capture opportunities for exchange of ideas and joint study with those from other political parties across the aisle.

Slow to move regardless of alarm from both business and academic leaders (Bennis, 2005) and a strong recommendation to remove boundaries between real-world and educational disciplines’ from the a leading international business school accrediting organization (AACSB, 2002).

These challenges of changing fundamental structural barriers remains intact and appears like the World War 1 trench warfare that stretched from the North Sea to the Swiss Frontier with France.

Today because of the amazing speed of the social networking model, it becomes extremely convenient to venture cross-disciplinary collaborations and what is clear is that academic programming and research need to capitalize on this perspective as a means to transfer significant real-time knowledge (Marginson, 2000) resulting in more adaptable political leaders of the future.


AACSB. (2002). Management education at risk. AACSB International, Management Education Task Force. Tampa, FL.

Bennis, W. G., O’Toole, J. (2005). How business schools lost their way. Harvard Business Review, 83(5), 96–104.

Marginson, S. (2000). Re-thinking academic work in the global era. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 22(1), 23–35.



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