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“Is the time and wisdom of people who desire to build bridges across all language boundaries” by Dr. Pietro Savo

Boundaries were created as man changed and developed needs to travel great distances. These distances became drifts-in-time that could be measured in the complexity of the new languages that evolved. The greater the distance the more different the language. Walls grew; people became fearful, and communications became limited to those inside their own circle. Those who fell outside this circle were feared. Fear fueled the necessity to create armies to protect the circle.

Today the fear is being replaced by the wisdom of people who want to rebuild the old bridges and reduce the boundaries using social media. A place where fears are being replaced by shared languages.

Social Media is the next evolutionary process that fuels humanities’ need to explore and reach out to all corners of the globe. Social Media has changed all the rules; Social Media has re-invented all the rules:

1. People are more informed.

2. People can share concerns, share values, with no limits.

3. People can now share just about anything on their minds at the speed of electrons.

No boundaries exist across cultural divides; information and opinions have become truly free flowing. The rules of engagement have become simple as well, because with social media, there are no rules.

Relationship, communicate, equals results in the confidence of our new humanity by…fueling…empowering… “THE INGREDIENTS OF INSPIRATION!”

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2011


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About Dr. Pietro Savo

Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo is a Principal Consultant with over 28 years of diverse experience in Business Strategy Improvement (BSI), Leadership Development, Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Systems, Material Management, Supply Chain, Union Shop and consulting environments. Pietro created the term Manufacturing Research Practitioner ™ as the foundation for his Doctoral thesis dedicated to improving the United States Manufacturing Industry.  Dr. Savo has lectured at, Boeing Aircraft, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, Northup Grumman, Raytheon and United Technologies on various subjects such as Lean Thinking, Leadership, Team Building, Quality Systems ISO Registrar Selection and Root Cause Analysis. Taught Root Cause Analysis for American Society for Quality (ASQ). Customized Training Specialties Leadership & Culture & Conflict Resolution Made Simple Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Problem Solving & Mistake-Proof It! Lean Manufacturing & The 6S's: Workplace Organization Evolving Quality Systems ISO 9001:2000/AS 9100:2000 Industry Evolution Building Business with the United States Government and Prime Contractors New Project Bidding Team Improvement Training “Know Your Front End” Published: Root Cause Analysis System for Problem Solving and Problem Avoidance Published: PERFECTION - 10 Secrets to Successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation. United States Navy Veteran View all posts by Dr. Pietro Savo

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