Cash or Class? Rekindle the; entrepreneurial spirit within the young at heart.

American Writer 2013American Writer by Pietro Savo

Read the entire article featured in Career College Central Magazine, March 2013 addition  page 24

Cash or Class? 
Rekindle the; entrepreneurial spirit within the young at heart. Peter Thiel from the Thiel Foundation recently gave a new class of students $100,000 to forgo  college. His monetary prizes were to encourage students to drop out of college  and become entrepreneurs on their own, before college ruined their  entrepreneurial spirit. Thiel holds the perception that higher education  impedes, rather than enhances, the development of creative ideas. Does this  statement have merit? To find the answer, we first need to understand the issue. Once young minds get to college at the undergraduate level, these students  become trained to follow a standard principle of book learning. The lecture hall  echoes rhetoric being force-fed to students by professors who oftentimes have  been in academia all their careers and not directly contributing to developing  successful practices in business. Many college and university students are  refined out of being imaginative.

Simply stated,  students forget what it is like to encourage their imagination to voyage beyond  book learning.

The entrepreneurial gene goes dormant or is lost  forever because open creative minds are soon focused on grades and earning an  education. The priority of entrepreneurial creativity is lost, too. This is  particularly troubling because humanity has risen to the top of the food chain thanks to the risk that comes from creative thinking. This writer feels it was  creative thought and the entrepreneurial spirit that drove us out of caves to  cross large landmasses to create a better life. It is no different from  developing successful 
businesses today. The spirit to take flight, take risk and accomplish finishes 
second to caution and the fear of failure.

What’s lost is the understanding that inventiveness  and creativity are important stimulators for ensuring the learning process.  Entrepreneurship is a natural ability. We all have the entrepreneurship gene,  although some people exercise it and some don’t. Imagine if an even greater  percentage of people found a way to thrive using entrepreneurial thinking? There
are some very successful technology entrepreneurs, for example Bill Gates,  Michael Dell and Mark Zuckerberg, who never graduated from college. J.R.  Simplot, who died at the age of 99 with a net worth of $3.6 billion, created one  of the largest privately held food and agribusiness companies in the nation –  all without ever attending college. The effort is made to differentiate between  education based on consumption of knowledge, and social experiences between  educators and students. Our goal must be to hire back generations of  creativeness as a proactive approach based on entrepreneurial thinking.  Entrepreneurial thinking becomes consequence of shared learning between educator  and student. It is safe to say the solutions for empowering entrepreneurial  thinking rest in higher education. Since problems less of a problem by  collaborative, common-sense. here are some academic solutions to bring about 
entrepreneurial thinking for those who did not win the Thiel $100,000 prizes.

  1. Recruit  entrepreneurs to develop and create a class around their successful  entrepreneurial experiences. Then offer courses experiences to
    prepare interested students to be successful entrepreneurial. In this way, a  student will be better equipped gage in taking the risk and experiencing the 
    real world, including its challenges and disappointments. 
  2. Find out what  motivates the individual, because one size does not fit all.  Motivation becomes the central emotional drive that has power to advance
    people. Such activities are fun, motivating thought-provoking to take part  in, and they encourage the student’s natural crazy gene to float to the
  3. Incorporate a  variety of innovative entrepreneurial strategies to prepare students to be  successful in whichever career they choose.
  4. With a young  fearless mind, everything is possible; an experienced entrepreneurial  mentor is perhaps what you need.
  5. Don’t wait for  college. Imagine if we could incorporate an innovative attitude into  a middle school or high school setting

Perhaps the perception that higher education impedes rather than enhances the development of creative ideas is not entirely true.  Obstructions of entrepreneurial ideas are more a result of not being prepared  for the demands of every changing evolutionary obstacle that humanity must  endure.

Our goal must be to  bring back generations of creativeness as a proactive approach to entrepreneurial thinking.

 Entrepreneurship is born out of need, as much as  creativity is a natural byproduct of being at the top of the food chain.   As the planet becomes more crowded, entrepreneurship  becomes more critical to humanity’s survivability. Survivability resulting in  prosperity will become dependent not so much on obtaining a college or  university degree, but more on inspiring as many serial entrepreneurs as  possible. Make Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg and J.R. Simplot the  norm, not the exception to the rule.

Read the entire article featured in Career College Central Magazine, March 2013 addition  page 24

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2011


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One response to “Cash or Class? Rekindle the; entrepreneurial spirit within the young at heart.

  • nextperu

    I have chatted with you on LinkedIn.
    My question is there used to be a saying “Knowledge is Power”
    Is this no longer really viable?
    I agree knowledge is important – but it sure doesn’t equal power.
    There is so much knowledge in the world that a Degree won’t get a person much at all
    Also all this knowledge has only produced more greed – third world countries are neglected.
    Are we heading back to a time when people say – work is the only thing that will set us free?
    Work and faith?

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