THE FUTURE OF THE CAREER COLLEGE IS TODAY – Aligning with the needs of job creators…

January 2014
Today’s career college looks ahead while embracing both the present and future. It is empowered by the positive impact on higher education trending toward this unlimited future. The setback is that leadership from the education community and the job creators is not in alignment. Everyone is fighting for education market share or finding the best employee, which leads to the old standards for business growth. Everyone is in it only for himself or herself with no regard for bringing greater value to students and the job seekers. Fight to the top, and win at any cost. Both groups appear more focused on specific technology or tasks, not on lifelong learning to enhance education and job-creating productivity. That brings us to suggest the business problem to solve is having the right education offering to meet employer resource demands. 

Read the entire article featured in Career College Central Magazine, January 2014 page 42

The business problem is how can the education community align itself with the job creators.  The old standard of having the best brand name, self-perceived education offering or providing the best contact network is not enough. Are leaders ready to align in a way that promotes the right education offering that will encourage economic job-sustained growth both present and future?   All the signs favor that the look-ahead at leadership, as it pertains to keeping education programs tied closely to the needs of employers, is taking shape. This engagement takes us to an international reach supported by the career college community. This community is also determined to improve future look-aheads to education designs closely connected to the needs of the current and future job creators.

The hints about the future are scattered around us in plain view. Our community must open up our minds to the possibilities. Take a different look, use a second set of eyes that are open wide, and you just might be able to watch the possibilities turn into realities. Is this a philosophy or just wishful thinking? In my opinion, this represents the futuristic employer and the educator trends worth sharing. This future is only a split second away. These futuristic trends and strategy hints come from leadership teaming between career college communities and employers. Teaming promotes new job creator and education best practices.

Career college leaders are continually working to keep programs tied closely to the needs of employers. The future is keeping education relevant; leadership representing future employers will get connected and start mentoring early in the workforce higher education process, according to the Business Economics article “On the Importance of Education.” This outreach at the academic level will improve the ability to modify curriculum on the fly to meet changes in the business market. The market drives the business. The future is the career college community leading the teaming among colleges,  universities and vocational institutions, developing career trade education programs that speed up the process from education to a well-paying job.

The global employment economy will help to shape the future. Education supported by leadership in the future should be as encompassing as humanities’ diversity of culture. In the era of globalization, skill requirements of employers are clearly changing. According to the Journal of Business Economics and Management, employers in the future will require education programs that take into account cultural differences that will shape business organizations. Knowing how to build good relationships is an education that is cultural and is always changing. Future employers will demand the workforce’s adaptability.

The future leadership has identified the most important skills to succeed in the workplace: problem-solving, oral communication and ethics, as noted in a report from Tertiary Education and Management. Survey the job creators to discover how higher education can improve  education and training to reduce the gap between job and education offering.

According to the Journal of Industrial Relations, future employees have indicated that job satisfaction plays a very important role in creating customer satisfaction. Job creators have a stronger alignment with the career college community using market influences and trends to determine education practices that mold a person to having a higher job satisfaction.

All these points fall neatly in with the next education evolution spearheading major change: massive open online courses (MOOCs), a concept pressuring the more traditional online college and universities to rethink, retool, adapt, and try to stay in the education business. History is full of creative education ideas that arrive just in time to change all the rules and send the nonbelievers into a tailspin. In business, they represent what I call disruptive innovation, ideas, products and services that help create a new market and value network. You see corporations accustomed to making a profit in business embracing MOOCs as an efficient education tool to create better-trained workers at a smart, reasonable cost.  Companies such as AT&T, Google and others help design and even fund Web-based college classes. MOOCs provide a window into forces shaping the future of education and how the career college community can proactively engage in that influencing process.

Most MOOCs seem to be sponsored by large universities. The predicted volume of employers embracing the MOOC process will demand speed to market. Speed to market is not a trait that traditional  education institutions are best known for. The future belongs to the education community best equipped to develop and deploy to both national and regional audiences on topics of many special job-support programs quickly. The future is pleading for the career college community to take the leadership role in developing a second stage of MOOC industry. This writer suggests your institution reach out to business organizations and ask them what they are looking for in present and future employees. Warning: Before you reach out to businesses, be prepared to develop and deploy these MOOC programs quickly. Those institutions that master this will become the education masters of the future. For your day-to-day business operations to make money, focus on keeping education relevant by teaming among colleges, universities and vocational institutions. Be steadfast and accommodate the global employment economy, creating customers using job-market influences and trends to determine education practices. Finally, the modern-day education tools embracing unlimited technology spearheading this major education future are MOOCs, and the future is here today.

The future is on everyone’s mind. I predict the career college community will lead or pull other education organizations along kicking and screaming, if need be. Education that results in a vocation and is firmly cemented in our career college community begins with all of us. A vocation is the ultimate looking-ahead leadership journey.  Dr. Pete

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2012

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