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Our Founding Fathers Created A Dream

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Our Founding Fathers created a dream. The dream is a country where hard work, dedication to family, dedication to a country means something special. Our Founding Fathers  created a dream; over 200 years ago before any preconceived notion could have  formed about the importance of this dream. Preconceived convictions that society  must govern itself, that leadership should not be monarchs by birth. That leadership voted into office by the people, represents true leadership in a  self-govern society.

The people who select  their leaders, to represent them, to represent the desires of society to grow,  learn, and be self-satisfied with the world around it. Not reaching  complacency, but establishing a rewarding life in a nation’s domain. These  selected leaders become the left and right arm of those who put them in office.  We the People, our nation’s modern day descendants of the Founding Fathers, in  the truest sense, a nation of immigrants still creating American dreams.

We are witnessing these  dreams at the speed of technology in real-time, the first modern emergence is The Tea Party. Simply the tip of the iceberg of change, proof that the  founding Father’s dreams are still alive-and-kicking today.

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2012

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