Succeeding on a New Front

Succeeding on a New Front – Going back to college is yet another brave act for Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans who are finding challenges unique to them on college campuses.
September 2014 Edition

Career College Central Magazine, September 2014

Our service members are the true 1 percent who have raised their right hand to protect us. We have an obligation to protect them as well.

Summer has come and gone, and many highly motivated veterans are looking to
spend their earned veteran education benefits, and with good reason. The unemployment statistics for Iraq- and Afghanistan-era veterans show that
education provides significant advantages. Officers with college degrees show a
lower unemployment rate than most enlisted personnel, whose unemployment rate is in the double digits. If education increases the odds of employment, then going back to college becomes the logical choice. However, many variables can
complicate the student-veteran’s enrollment and assimilation into higher
education. For example, student veterans are arriving at university and college
campuses where counselors may not be adequately prepared for them. Even with so many veterans ready and willing to spend their education money, some schools are not yet ready to support these veterans’ educational needs. This is a shame, as there is a huge benefit to enrolling veterans, who often come academically prepared and have high educational goals – a winning combination for institutions of higher education.

Student veterans are arriving at university and college campuses where counselors may not be adequately prepared for them.

For many veterans, social class plays a large role in their interest in enrolling in
college. A 2007 Associated Press report showed that the majority of veterans
killed in Iraq came from towns having a per capita income well below the
national average, and more than half came from towns where the percentage of
people living in poverty topped the national average. This points to a lower
socioeconomic status in general for men and women entering the military. And a
major key to rising from a lower socioeconomic class is higher education.

Which higher education programs have the greatest employment opportunities for veterans and their families? My research has identified the health service
industry as a top employer, second only to the federal government. From 2004 to 2014, three agencies – the Department of Defense (DOD) the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – accounted for about 94 percent of hiring increases. The DOD
reported that military-to-civilian transitions have greatly contributed to this
overall increase. In keeping with these facts, many veterans are currently enrolling in education programs designed to staff these particular industries.
I recently decided to research institutions possessing qualities especially suited to the student-veteran. I chose to search for regionally accredited colleges that boast lower tuition, have both on-campus and online degree programs, offer personalized instruction, are military-friendly, and provide access to student internships or co-ops (which can turn the educational experience
into a great-paying job). Thanks to the unlimited power of the Internet, I
quickly found several institutions that fit this description, including Daniel
Webster College in Nashua, New Hampshire; Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky; and National University in Bakersfield, California. I’ll close with a heads up to America’s 4,599 Title IV degree granting institutions.
The veterans and their families are coming, armed with the sheer power of
curiosity and the information-gathering muscle of the Internet, and when they
ask a question, they probably already know the answer. Veterans understand that
the best strategy to ensure that their higher education results in a good career is to self-advocate. Veterans come military-educated, leadership-ready, mature and eager to learn – and they will succeed.

Suggestions for institutions:

• Familiarize yourself with VA education benefit programs and become a real help to student veterans.

• Don’t spend huge marketing dollars; instead, use this money to reduce tuition costs.

• Don’t enroll or sell your seats; simply provide counsel.

• Try to provide student-veterans with what they are looking for. If you
don’t have it, direct them to one of the other 4,598 Title IV degree-granting
institutions in the United States that may.

• Take the time to learn what drives a student’s passion. This will improve retention and graduation rates.

• Place quality of education before revenue and profit.

Our service members are the true 1 percent who have raised their right hand to protect us. We have an obligation to protect them as well.

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2014

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