On Veterans Day 2014 – It Comes Down to Role Models

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My father-in-law, an 90-year-old WWII Veteran has his own outlook in life that we could all study and learn from. He loves attending my 12-year olds son Dante’s flag football games. This past Saturday’s game was a blowout, and Dante’s team won 32 to 6; Grand Dad could not be more proud, cheering Dante on from the coaches’ box the entire game, analyzing the plays when they ended well, and especially analyzing the plays when they did not end as planned. That day the team had three coaches pacing back and forth…

The teams coaches all come over to greet Grand Dad wearing his USS Massachusetts’ Battleship Navy blue hat. He said to one of the coaches that the kids learn a great deal from you, the coach responded I learn just as much from them. My father-in-law has always been a positive role model, promoting family, honor, country over oneself. He said to me when the coach walked away, that he is an astute fellow. He is right; the role model quality of life comes in many forms; we learn from teaching, coaching, and all mentoring initiatives. The learning that returns from the child provides much more encouragement to the adult; perhaps sometimes we take this understanding for granted.

Our humanity is a perpetual learning phenomenon… What we learn we live by, and we share experiences from womb-to-the-tomb. These shared experiences keep all of us consistently anchored in our precious and delicate humanity. Dr. Pietro Savo

Gran Dad & Kids

My father-in-law was on the shakedown cruise for the USS Massachusetts in 1942; to this day, he still knows every inch of that mighty battleship. After the flag football game, we celebrated at McDonalds. This old war veteran receives a great deal of joy from watching his grandson, and with a handful of tag along friends treated for the victory, with chicken nuggets, hamburgers, fries and cokes. Along with the many priceless conversations between the 12-year olds and an 90-year old war hero that ensued.

Undoubtedly, it comes down to role models, we learn, we live, and we are much better off because of role models!

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2014


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Veteran’s Day, we salute our hero’s with respect and devotion. Celebrate freedom, and say thank you to the men and women of our military.

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