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Change Warriors, the Next Iron Lady

Iron Lady

Change Warriors such as Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, Michele Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell, and Jan Brewer. These women are changing the rules, bringing forth a firestorm of political transformation, which the Democratic Party left and the Republican Party right is frantically strategizing to capture the fever of change. The fever of change that the new Female Change Warriors bring with a vengeance to the political fight of the 21st Century, which has also over-flowed into the world’s political movement. The female political frenzy is not simply a United States (US) event, Julia Gillard the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Belinda Stronach a member of the Canadian Parliament, and Sitrida Geagea is a Lebanese politician have taken front stage and are making new rules in the 21st Century landscape, perhaps it is well overdue.

In the 1980s we witnessed a glimpse of things to come with Margaret Thatcher, who dominated international headlines and sustained the reputation as the Iron Lady. The Iron Lady was tough, a toughness clearly missing from today’s political leaders. During the Falkland Islands War, Margaret Thatcher threatened to use nuclear weapons, unless French President Francois Mitterrand gave the British the missile deactivate codes used by Exocet anti-ship missiles, that France had sold to Argentina (Magoudi, 2005). On May 4, 1982, two French-made jets in the Argentine air force attacked the British destroyer Sheffield killing 20 crew members and injuring 24, and the Iron Lady was not allowing it to happen again (Magoudi, 2005).

Our modern political world is in the need for the next Iron Lady, a female politician ready to lead, and protect her country from modern-day enemies. An Iron Lady not focused on political correctness, unless it favors her country. Our job as voters is to encourage the next Iron Lady, and with our vote create the vision to protect and place our country first, above-all-else!


Magoudi, A. (2005). Rendez-Vous – The psychoanalysis of François Mitterrand.

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