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The Video Game Culture Problem

The video game culture problem, life does not have a reset or do over button. What has emerged from our society is a video game generation who has lost sight of real people limitations. In the gaming world when you die, your energy runs out, you lose and hit reset! Here is the problem, unfortunately, life does not have a reset button, and the results you acquire are permanent. Knowing the difference between reality and make-believe becomes impossible when you play endless video games. In truth, we have a generation in our society living with two realities, the first being an endless reset button with no risk to failure, and the second reality is fragile life itself. The behavioral concern occurs when mixing up the two. For example, someone driving a car and has an accident, that happens; or with the video gamer, the wrong reality kicks in causes an accident, today the mindset is no big deal, just hit the reset button.

Those of you who have children glued to the video game screen understand the reason for this blog. Having two conflicting behaviors creates a developmental clash in our society and people get hurt. This developmental behavior conflict stays with the person for their entire life. To reset is habit forming and easy, the video game culture has become generational, and virtually impossible to reverse. The old adage that too much of anything, even something fun, can actually be harmful, fits well with the video game culture.