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The Founding Fathers, True Inspiration is the Fuel for Change in the 21st Century!

American Writer Pietro Savo

Our founding fathers did not have Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to help them determine the risk assessment for creating a nation. The founding father’s results from their actions were not black-and-white. They had no way of knowing if the American Revolution would be a fruitful voyage, or direct impact on all the founding fathers arriving at a guillotine. No detailed risk assessment was done, and the impact of the environment, on the impact of trade, of the impact of productivity in the Thirteen Colonies was not known.

The only risk assessment conducted was the emotional connection asoociated with being the Thirteen Colonies of British America, that to sever the direct linked to the British Empire became ultimate American Revolutionary fighting cry! Regardless of the emotional connection, ultimately, a guillotine or a hangman’s noose was the reality that was easy to visualize in the founding fathers’ minds.

The founding fathers who signed the Constitution, by doing so also forfeited their identity. If the British Empire had known the weaknesses of the American Continental Army, the American Revolution would have ended differently. Perhaps the original Thirteen Colonies; Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. One location such as Boston Massachusetts would have been selected as the home of the western world’s Buckingham Palace.

The moral of the story is today we have acquired a fear because of the risk analysis tools available, promoting more caution than the necessary risk required for change. Even with the available analysis tools today, the risk is no different a gamble as it was over 234 years ago and the risk to once again to create the greatest nation on earth is well worth the effort.

The American Revolution of the 21st century does not come with swords and black powder, this revolution comes in the spiritual sense, by the power of the people to vote for change. A people’s vote to inspire, and to once again drive the American Revolution in the direction of the American People’s choice, because we are all the free flowing descendants of the original Thirteen Colonies and change is something we do very well!

True inspiration is the fuel for change!

by AMERICAN WRITER Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2010


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