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The Next Greatest Generation is Here!

During my Boston flight to Memphis, I met my first face-to-face NFL superstar, Eli Manning. Shuffled through security and boarded the aircraft, like the rest of us; he even fell asleep in his seat. When people noticed Eli, he smiled kindly and his smile quickly overshadowed his celebrity status. We miss so much from watching people on television, Eli’s youth becomes obvious in person, and you cannot help wonder how someone so young could have so much responsibility. During the flight, Eli was reading the book, Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment by George Leonard. A traveler, no different than the rest of us, brings a book to read during the flight, enjoys the quiet, enjoys the distraction, and falls asleep, like the rest of us.

Eli was not what I expected from an NFL superstar, if you did not recognize him, you would not know he was there. Too often, the media portray these superstars as bigger than life, remember Broadway Joe Namath? Eli’s politeness and mere presents brought about my renewed encouragement for his generation. My oldest child is his age, great to see that distinguished people, the next greatest generation with such potential is ready to take charge and engage the world head-on! Eli graciously signed autographs, and he blushed when the flight attendant recognized him, a person cannot fake sincere humble. Humbling greatness is worth writing about; the next greatest generation is here!



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