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Two Types of Intellectuals In Our World

Two types of intellectuals in our world, the first being a person who makes productive non government good paying jobs for others, and the second type, a person who is only concerned with preserving their own employment. The first type represents the entrepreneur, the shakers, and movers, with an indisputable focus for making jobs; and the natural by-product becomes making money. The trouble with the second type is they do not leave the world better than they find it; this has largely a negative effect on society. The second types are easy to spot, they are always the first to criticize others or brag their self-proclaimed intellect in public.

Here is the big problem; perhaps over a time span of 40 years, the first type of intellectual outnumbered the second type by 10 to 1. Today the second type of intellectual out numbers the first type by 3 to 1. What becomes significantly interesting, the second type of intellectuals reading this statement will now have a greater concern for validity of the ratios or measures outlined, then the historical reality of this written paragraph.

What does this mean, it took over 40 years of selfish intellectual learning to advance the economic chaos we are experiencing today, and it will take many years to reverse the effects. Reasoning behind this lag in reversal is the second type of intellectual is slow to build up interest, or become motivated, because in their eyes, it’s someone else’s problem.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein