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The natural bridge to learning equals (=) business success!

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The Certified Manufacturing Practitioner (CMP) resiliency delivers the natural bridge to learning. The natural bridge between manufacturing and manufacturing scientists professional, and the knowledge gained becomes a natural trigger from which past lessons learned can dictate when a change in manufacturing strategy is needed to ensure success (Cortada, 2000).

The CMP credential promotes demonstrated knowledge and skills in leading and directing manufacturing processes and manufacturing teams to deliver quality products within the constraints of schedule, cost, and resources.

CMP becomes the natural bridge by forming sustainable manufacturing solutions, stimulating a heads-up display for observing market changes providing the means to respond, adapt, and capitalize on this market change. Leaders within an organization, who are willing to create a natural bridge across all segments of the manufacturing business, simply inspire success. Good leaders fueled by good business ethics creating examples to engage in successful practices (Agle, 2004).

Finding the balance in any company comes about by using holistic tools or proven business standards for promoting a common sense approach to business. Trouble occurs when these tools are not in balance (Dauch, 2006). This often occurs when one focuses on immediate profits instead of focusing on what is best for the future of the company.

Finding the balance can become possible by energizing leadership development in your company by instilling a repeatable tool based process that is easy to implement by using common sense. Common sense occurs when the process requirements come about in the form of lessons learned. Lessons learned, represent a critical role of CMP creating a natural bridge between the past, the present, and the future. With the help of CMP, common sense can become a foundation in business fueled by the natural bridge of learning once again. Business success becomes the natural by-product!


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