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The future small business survival will depend upon how well your business can exploit technology, education, and developing your own workforce.

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The future small business survival will depend upon how well your business can exploit technology, education, and developing your own workforce. What is critical to understand is that the combination of technology education and people create spontaneous energy required to drive a small business forward. This forward motion creates stability in the small business, and encourages growth. Growth is critical to small business; no small business can be successful or sustainable in today’s volatile market without it. Measurable growth depends on your awareness of market variability surrounding your business.

Small business growth depends upon the enthusiasm of its business community, its stakeholder’s knowledge pertaining to current market opportunities, and the ability to see and sense what is coming over the horizon. This visionary process enables forecasting what market opportunities are coming your way. Visionary process is a skill set that can be learned by different forms of organizational awareness.

Awareness gained from reading such journals as Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and Business Week. This is an amazing form of self-educating, establishing a base reading process of available literature about your business market. The best value comes from magazines and journals that pertain to your business markets of interests, and markets you can envision entering in the future.

The envisioning process develops a business flexibility that promotes business opportunities in new and exciting business areas. The visionary process is a successful element for any business as a means to sustain growth and maintain stability in your business market. Participation in that market is essential to understand that the market drives the business, and the market today is subject to change without notice.

Your success is determined by your ability to take advantage of technology, and maintain a well-educated workforce. In conclusion, focus on technology, focus on education, and focus on talented people. Never become satisfied with your businesses today, and always practices envisioning where your business should be tomorrow.

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