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Education does not make you smarter. It makes you think differently.

American Writer Pietro Savo

There is this great misunderstanding that the higher the education level a person achieves through life makes them smarter. What is discovered in society throughout the educational lifestyle process is that the human factor throughout a person’s lifetime controls the level of value from education. For example, from grade school to graduating from college society assumes that all these accumulated years of education results in some form of brilliance. In fact, brilliance is a place in the person’s history that was achieved long before they attended any school at all.

  • Brilliance comes about from the ability to communicate, to understand changes in your environment, and to adapt to those changes as a means to provide some form of value in your life and those people you interact with daily. Brilliance represents having the ability to use common sense to solve daily process problems, or to invent human existent strategies for the present going well into the future.
  • Societies’ perception is that education automatically brings about some measurable distinction. In fact, education does not guarantee anything other than the fact that you have an education. Education provides the means to think differently, to react differently to situations, and to use a concept mindset of deductive reasoning that is still there regardless of the level of education. However, education does provide the confidence associated with deductive reasoning, resulting to a more direct approach to solutions.
  • College higher education provides the means to think differently but it does not make you smarter. The smartness comes about as we evolve from conception to birth from absorbing knowledge much like a sponge absorbs water. As the person matures, our minds and bodies mature as well. The application of brilliance comes from living life that is all-inclusive, and goes well beyond any classroom walls in the form of a person’s imagery.

Critically, imagery is the fuel for vision that brings together ideality, uniqueness and this is directly connected to a person’s inner eyes, because when a person can visualize the results, all is possible regardless how complicated the task. Because performing complicated task is never educational based, it is simply a result of human brilliance, and every person shares in such brilliance.

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