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Saturday morning is both family time and work time, that equals learning time.

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With our busy schedules, making time, for all family functions is difficult. On this Saturday, I attended my daughter’s middle school cheerleading competition. Pinkerton Academy High School gym wooden bleacher, were fun to sit on, for two hours; honest. I watched nineteen different cheerleading squads from all over New Hampshire perform their well-rehearsed routines; it occurred to me that the performance resembled a well-planned manufacturing production line. The cheerleading squad process flow was almost perfect; each school team would line up to perform right on “queue“; with a sense of perfect harmony.

The process flow had no wasted moments it was indeed a well-thought-out production process. What was also very evident, the squads that performed visually, with smooth flowing progressive steps in their routine, received the highest competition scores. Squads that had visible breaks in their routine, with no clear flow had lower competition scores. The same visibility perception process is evident in a manufacturing production product that flows smoothly through the production system, cost less to make, and quality is better resulting in greater profits.

Who would have thought, a Saturday morning spent at a middle school cheerleading competition could become a manufacturing learning opportunity? A learning opportunity when applied to any business encourages business success quantifiable in a series of three steps.

1. The first step would be to focus on the visual aesthetics of the routine in your production system. Is this process flow visually pleasing, does it appear to flow smoothly through your production system, with little to no brakes between steps in the process flow?

2. The second part is studying the brakes in the production process routine. The production flows through your system, study the process brakes. Always target your process adjustments that promote smooth process step transitions.

3. The third part is looking for the first two parts being less than perfect. These results are visible in the form of large piles of uncompleted work in process, or signs of noticeable quantities of scrap and rework. Unfinished work, scrap, and rework are not cost effective means for your business, and always negatively impact the bottom line.

What else I discovered on this Saturday morning is that family time and work time equals learning time. To produce positive aesthetic routines in business results in a positive impact of your bottom-line. In addition, that the lessons you learn throughout your workday, throughout your family day can be applied to either, and are interchangeable. Live, learn and make a difference, the American Writer!

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