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Investing in people with Outcome Based Education (OBE)

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Learning plays a lively hero in the pursuit of developing human capital and a more productive knowledgeable workforce. Or is learning simply a benefit?

Cognitive science research has supported the organized education industry to better understand the nature of learning. People can create paradigms of knowledge; humanity’s receptacles take it in as knowledge become exposed to them. Then the magic occurs; humanity multiplies this knowledge by adding knowledge they have gained up to that moment in time. Benefits are multiplied often when working together, and humanity learns best and gains forward motion from teaching others. Research also suggests that humanity learn best in solving problems, avoiding obstacles, we learn, through experience. Learning is a natural component of humanity, not a complex activity, but more the essence of living, itself a catalyst for a greater humanity.

What emerges is a natural learning system that teaches the natural consistency of why learning happens; this understanding is sustainable!

Education industries, both public and private can respond to the growing concern for the competence of humanities preparation for a career focused on a specific outcome, such as a good paying job. Such outcomes are desired and planned to focus on assessing performance as well as knowledge, bridging the gap between learning and a career. During challenging economic times, we hope for a belief that learning provides comfort for living in the twenty-first century. To promote this comfort humanity requires a consistent approach to fuel natural learning. OBE is just the thing by first focusing the desired outcome. By second design, new forms of learning that make focused outcomes consistent. Finally, bring into play the public and private education industries to build a unified front to prepare future educators to supply appropriate learning experiences for the success of humanity.

Outcome Based Education influences organizing everything in learning, and essential for a happy and content life. Learning simply a benefit and humanity is the gift!

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