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January 19, 2010 linked to July 4, 1776

The political guesswork is at hand, January 19, 2010 linked to July 4th, 1776. With the vast network of politicians spending millions of dollars to help us determine who we vote for, and yet never really understanding the needs of the people. With the negative and positive adds, as well as the truthful as dishonest ads simply confuse the voter more. While all candidates have one thing in common, a desire to focus your vote, to earn your vote, and to get you out to the voting booth.

What is forgotten is that our founding fathers intended for the politicians to be citizen politicians. A citizen politician, an elected person who goes back to their farm, law practice, business, military job or home when the politicking job is done. Our founding fathers intended for the politicians to be the voice of the citizens, not the voice to keep the politician in office for life.

What is forgotten, is our founding fathers intended for this great nation never to just focus on one view or the other, but to focus on the people’s views. The people’s views are never-ending and always in some form of change, because the people views are all that matters. What is important with the election on January 19. 2010 is our current politicians are simply that, politicians who have lost focus on the people’s views.

Our founding fathers knew what they were doing…. when the government forgets they work for us the citizens, the system they created will adjust…. January 19, 2010 the adjustment begins…

Our founding fathers understood these moments in history would occur when an adjustment becomes needed; one candidate experienced in both civilian and military life has made his candidacy a formidable foe against a Large-Out-Dated-Democratic-Machine in Massachusetts.

Perhaps the reason we are here today it’s time for a different view, it’s time for the people’s view, and the people’s voice will vote on January 19, 2010, and may the adjustment begin…

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2010-Midterm Elections Coming Early To The State of Massachusetts

It appears that perhaps the 2010-midterm elections coming early to the State of Massachusetts. With the passing of Ted Kennedy, filling his senatorial seat decided by a special election. As Massachusetts’ law stand today the special election will be open to all political parties. Massachusetts law requires a special election within 145-160 days after a Senate seat becomes vacant and the law prohibits the governor from making an interim appointment. This was not always the case in Massachusetts, which last changed its succession law in 2004 to require a special election. Before that change, the governor could name a successor. At the time, the Democrat Party worried that the Republican Governor Mitt Romney would be able to fill any vacancy created if Democratic Senator John Kerry became elected president, obviously changing the rules to best fit the Democrat Party’s politics of the day (Source: CNN).

Imagine what would happen if we change the rules to favor the New York Yankees before the next Boston Red Sox World Series.

Ironically, the American Revolution began at Christ Church in Boston where it was “one if by land, two if by sea,” by passionate people who believed in freedom, liberty, and developed what we call today democracy (Source: Library of Congress). Such important history beginning in Massachusetts is on the verge of historic significance once again.

The question now becomes will the Democrat Party change the rules to keep this senatorial seat or will they put their trust in our democracy and fair play?



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