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Christmas Message

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Christmas is a reminder that the Earth is a gift. A gift entrusted to the Earth’s inhabitants, who radiate God’s love for every living thing.

In the hustle and bustle of surviving on this Earth, what is overlooked, is the sheer power of God’s gift. The sheer power of the never-ending creation in a process through God’s grace we honor each other to celebrate His Son’s Earthly birthday throughout our lives.

We promote this honor through our fellowship with all the Earth’s inhabitants. Fellowship becomes a greater focus for all the Earth’s religions, and God’s power that bonds all people together, creating "one Earth -one inhabitant".

Merry Christmas from the entire Savo Family, to all of Earth’s inhabitants, and may God continue to Bless us all one birthday at a time!

by AMERICAN WRITER Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2010


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