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Everyone knows your name! “An American Small Town”

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The American small town, there is a place in Michigan called Harbor Beach. A town well worth a Google, a small-town where people are excited about their community, where people still take the time to know their neighbors. Harbor Beach is an American small town where everyone knows your name. Many years ago while working in Harbor Beach, I bought a small house there located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron in Michigan’s thumb. Harbor Beach known as the world’s greatest man-made harbor port. With every house comes needed repairs, and I needed some white painters caulking to seal the storm windows. The following day while having lunch at Al’s Restaurant on Huron Avenue, the waitress asked me if I was the new fellow? You are Pete she said, who bought the tube of caulking at Miller’s Hardware on the corner of Huron and State, right?

 Small town, common story, everyone knows your new in town, and everyone knows your name. Al’s Restaurant has the best banana cream pie on the planet. I would often buy the entire pie; banana cream pie is excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner, let us not forget the late-night snacks. Harbor beach is a place where people notice change, and especially a new face. Harbor Beach is also known for its soy sauce factory, and I tell you the first time you smelled it, you know you have arrived somewhere special. When the winds are blowing just in the right direction towards you, it brings tears to your eyes. Literally wake you from a sound sleep, brings tears and feelings of “what the heck is that smell?” To this writer, this represents the smell of money. The soy sauce factory in Harbor Beach represents good-paying jobs for Michigan’s citizens. Soy sauce is now my less-than-favorite condiment. Today, I have a better understanding of the importance of that strong smell of money, when the winds are luckily blowing in just the right direction.

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The smell is a reminder that people are working and being paid. The moral of the story is, “bring a soy sauce factory to your hometown and make jobs for Americans.” You will discover your hometown getting back to a better place of “everyone knowing your name,” a true bittersweet smell of success! A smell of success inspired by the unpredictable breezes of Lake Huron, one day at a time!

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