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Good Night Irene

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Ms. Hurricane Irene sent us plenty of rain, about 60 MPH winds measured here in New Hampshire, the lights flickered ½ dozen times. Our part of the state never lost power, although my married daughter who lives 12 miles from here, has not had power for three days, Mother Nature sure makes the rules. I had a generator ready, plenty of gasoline, plus the means to siphon the gasoline out of my kid’s cars. My thoughts, if the gasoline is on my property, I own the gasoline regardless who paid for it. Over all we had a relaxing Sunday Hurricane/Tropical storm. I believe the preparedness comes from my sailor training. What I find comical in a sad way is when I was in the Navy so many years ago; we were trained to stay inside the ship during hurricanes or tropical storms to keep from being swept overboard, out to sea, and becoming fish food. Watching the news reporters on the piers or near the ocean’s huge breaking waves, with the news reporters located out in the middle of the stormy weather wearing plastic bright colored rain gear that has no countermeasure for huge stormy unpredictable waves. The reporter’s notable actions, perceived as not too bright, and can be career ending with one unpredictable water weather event. Hurricanes or tropical storms qualify as unpredictable water weather events. Overall, Mother Nature makes the rules; and it’s our job to be thankful when she is nice to us, and to be prepared to duck when she is not… and stay away from bodies of oceans, rivers or flooding basements during unpredictable water weather events. Last week we had an earthquake, then a hurricane/ tropical storm; what is next? This New Hampshire resident is ready snow! Good Night Irene

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