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Dream Beyond the Future is Called Time Travel!

Often dreams come in the night; all we can hope for is a glimpse, a small measure of time spent while in some sort of half awake state. This written journey ventures out into vast space of time, creating and even wider gap between reality, the present and the future; what becomes clear is that time travel is speculating the future, and visibility increases sustainability one empirical adventure after another.

In business, speculating the future is a form of time travel, how a firm engages the future today determines if there is a future tomorrow. We have grown up in a world with television, and experienced television programs like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, and X-Files. Now given the influence of futuristic time we find ourselves deep into a sense of urgency to revamp humanity’s attitude towards time (Helm, 2005).

Speculating future positive business performance linked to visibility, and an open mind-set leading to different forms of business sustainability. Once humanity accepts the linkage between future, past and the present, developing business solutions for futuristic condition occur today with ease more reason to dream beyond the future!

Helm, B. (2005). Borges’s Elimination of Past and Future: A Paradox. KronoScope, 5(1), p73-82.

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