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Right People On The Bus Philosophy Is The Wrong Philosophy!

pietro savo

Getting the “right people on the bus” philosophy is the wrong philosophy. How disappointing history is, business solutions to improving the United States manufacturing industry has not changed in a hundred years. Back in the early 1900s and 1800s the United States went through a similar economic downturn. The root cause was simple, we failed to keep up with technology, and we failed to preserve an educated workforce. We also have lost sight of the markets, combined with a lack of market aggressiveness; we began importing more than we exported which in turn created a devastating imbalance in trade. The historical research to support these statements is simple for anyone to conduct using Google or Yahoo. Therefore, the disappointment comes about from our lack of learning from our past lessons learned, it appears we wasted all this relevant knowledge and are reinventing the wrong wheel.

We have become so focused on getting the “right people on the bus” that we’ve destroyed morale. We as a society have created a negative bearing for employee integrity because the “right people on the bus” mind-set clearly means everyone is just a number. Getting the “right people on the bus” philosophy is the wrong philosophy, because most firms can’t afford to be getting rid of people to make room for the perceived right person. The people left behind become negatively affected by this practice. These people left behind subconsciously fail to thrive, always followed by a succession of updated resumes going out in all directions. Even the top performers now left with a feeling of despair; this is a natural human behavior that adversely affects employee loyalty and performance.

This means, having the “right people on the bus” is not enough: getting the people in the right seat is of greater importance. You can do this by building positive relationships, identifying and focusing on people’s strengths, and exploiting these strengths in a way that everyone wins, and everyone benefits!

“right people on the bus” from Collins, J. (2001). Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t. New York: HarperCollins.

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The news media’s responsibility to society is to report the news, not create it!

Dr. Pietro Savo

The day I met the President of the United States, it was truly a celebration event, he spoke for an hour, no teleprompter, no prepared notes, and what he said that day naturally connected with everyone at the Armory in Manchester New Hampshire. The president was so near, I could look into his eyes, what I saw was the awesome responsibility of the office; can you imagine having the responsibility for an entire nation.

That day he created a genuine kinship with everyone there, everyone listening and everyone seeing a genuine leader. The same President of the United States, the same man the news media brought to trial, judged, and finally convicted.

We often forget the media’s responsibility to society is to report the news, not create it. When the power of the media abuses our nation’s reality for political reason, the entire nation suffers and pays the price. When the news media became the supermarket tabloid, their credibility, became lost forever.

That day when the President of The United States’ approached me, he asked me how he was doing. So impressed by his question, all I could say was “fantastic Mr. President!” Can you imagine a son of an Italian immigrant meeting the President of the United States, with my cell phone in hand; I dialed my Mom and shared the moment with her. On October 5th, 2002, the President of the United States autographed my Presidential Event entry ticket. Today this autograph is still one of my most cherished possessions.

A True Leader

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Two Types of Intellectuals In Our World

Two types of intellectuals in our world, the first being a person who makes productive non government good paying jobs for others, and the second type, a person who is only concerned with preserving their own employment. The first type represents the entrepreneur, the shakers, and movers, with an indisputable focus for making jobs; and the natural by-product becomes making money. The trouble with the second type is they do not leave the world better than they find it; this has largely a negative effect on society. The second types are easy to spot, they are always the first to criticize others or brag their self-proclaimed intellect in public.

Here is the big problem; perhaps over a time span of 40 years, the first type of intellectual outnumbered the second type by 10 to 1. Today the second type of intellectual out numbers the first type by 3 to 1. What becomes significantly interesting, the second type of intellectuals reading this statement will now have a greater concern for validity of the ratios or measures outlined, then the historical reality of this written paragraph.

What does this mean, it took over 40 years of selfish intellectual learning to advance the economic chaos we are experiencing today, and it will take many years to reverse the effects. Reasoning behind this lag in reversal is the second type of intellectual is slow to build up interest, or become motivated, because in their eyes, it’s someone else’s problem.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein

Homeland Security Problem is the “Tip of The Iceberg!”

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The poorly informed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano apologized to veterans after a report issued by her department said troops returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were at risk for recruitment by right-wing extremists. A leader’s role in a democratic society is to have enough experience to avoid insulting the men and women serving in the Armed Forces that keep them safe. Our Constitutional Fathers were patriots who believed in the freedoms that today are at risk because government officials act without thinking. Ultimately, we believe and hope the Obama administration finally becoming staffed with smart people; however, the evidence is contrary. Now the question that comes to mind, where was the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) while this government wrongly insulted and accused our veterans?

What happen to due process for our Armed Forces, what happened to due-process according to the ‘law of the land’ and whose duties it to protect the Armed Forces’ civil liberties? Napolitano’s apology was not the solution; she was simply re-acting to the symptom, getting to the root cause to Napolitano department’s error, the only way to ensure it never happens again.

Our founding fathers, as a deterrent against fancy governmental double speak, created the Constitution. Due process for all citizens is the law. When supposedly smart people from the Obama administration insult our nation’s finest citizens, this problem is simply the Tip of The Iceberg. Again another reason why government must be for the people and not just for more government, ACLU asleep on watch once again, clearly time to cut the ACLU’s funding!



Northwest to Delta Airlines Not Feeling the Love!

In 2008 I flew over 35 round-trips; most of these flights were on Northwest Airlines. Traveling for a living characterizes anything but fun. Airport life is demanding, unpredictable, frustrating and simply stressful. Add the prospect for gambling for lost luggage; and now the recent headlines for the airborne flu threat and having to breathe with the high likelihood of swine flu filled air all about you. Think about this for a minute, breathing in the airtight metal tube filled with only 50% recirculated outside air. This means, the other 50% is germ filled spit, and now have a terrific flight. I wonder how soon before they start selling fresh air? I spend so much time breathing this air that I must have one hell of an immune system, well battle tested antibodies to combat all viruses known to man plus more; let’s hope so anyway.

The daily reminder that air travel is thousands of times safer than driving your car, having a window to roll down to let some fresh in will make that believable for me. Can it get worse, perhaps, yes? Recent Northwest Airlines buy out by Delta has made it even more difficult to feel the love. The transition has been slow; honestly, the superb customer service by Northwest has not transferred to Delta. Delta seems colder, less focused on customer’s satisfaction; a seasoned traveler can quickly sense the difference. Perhaps that is why Northwest is gone, and it may be time to shop around and find the next Northwest Airlines to patronize.


Never Stop Rediscovering your Business

We are surrounded by economic doom and gloom, and business growth and business survival is critical to our economy. Today as consumers we import more than we export and job loss from this strategy has created economic devastation that affects the entire world. It appears that our economic strategists have forgotten to leave the world better than they find it; instead they choose to get rich, at such an overwhelming cost to the rest of us. You can’t help wonder what is being taught in top business schools, “Gluttony 501!” In a devastating economy, developing renewed business success dependent on cultural adaptability is key. Cultural adaptability is a rediscovering process critical to the survival of any business. Business complacency is an example of untrue leadership or non leadership, any company that becomes complacent is certain to fail.

The markets will continue to evolve and the amount of market change is unknown; what is clear is that “The Markets Drives the Business” and business resiliency is vital. Rediscovering business success and having the right people on the bus is not enough, more important is having the right people in the right seat; this is a never-ending rediscovering process. All the books that have been written about the rediscovering process can be summed up into one rule; “Rediscover, rediscover often, and never stop rediscovering your business.” Businesses managed by this rule create success in all directions, is fun to work at, have very high morale and low employee turnover, and rediscovering is the spirit of success!


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