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American Hope


The Sarah Palin story is an inspiring political story, because she comes from our middle class American surroundings. Her life could represent our American story, her middle-class beginnings, and a revolutionary process from growing up in the United States. To mayor of an Alaskan town and finally becoming the governor of Alaska, her middle class journey is representative of what our founding fathers dreamed as the American dream worth fighting for. Sarah Palin’s revolutionary process has captured the hearts, the minds, and the dreams of every American person in our great nation. What change she brings to the political environment, is a change of fresh air, a change of American hope, and a change that people can understand.

A theatrical life of middle class beginnings much like those of Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson all endured tough financial times growing up in America. These presidents living one day at a time, their dreams and helped create the America we believe in today. Leadership, in the limelight, always speaking the people’s message, and broadcasting to ever American the importance of governing by the people, for the people, is what America stands for. Our founding fathers dreamed of such political clarity from citizens, citizens destined to do great things for the America we love.

We do not know whether Sarah Palin will be the next president of the United States. What we do know is that a mother’s love for her nation is the most powerful force in the universe, and no inept political machine in the United States can slow that down.

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A Common Sense Leader Sarah Palin, A Mother’s Time!

Sarah Palin

Determined greatness comes from a Mother’s love. Sarah Palin, who is a Mother first, a citizen second and a common sense leader who leads with grace, dignity, and honor. When she speaks, she connects using simple lines, like “we can see November 2nd from our house.” When she encourages the crowd to elect common sense conservatives, people listen, and it appears from the most recent polls they are really listening.

Sarah Palin made a guest appearance at a Tea Party Express rally at the Arizona State Capitol Friday October 22nd, 2010. While holding her son, Trig, and a sign reading, “Party like it’s 1773,” she spoke about freedom, and she urged the crowd to vote for freedom on November 2. Her words carried across our nation; Palin said, “Don’t you just love your freedom? Aren’t you proud to be an American?“. So much joy from the crowd even Trig clapped along with the audience’s cheers.

Mothers have led nations before, such as Eva Peron (Evita), was the wife of the Argentina President Juan Peron. She became powerful within the Pro-Peronist trade unions; her charitable organization built homes for the poor and homeless, and provided free health care to citizens.

Mothers have led nations before such as Rosa Parks was an African American civil rights activist which the U.S. Congress called “Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement”. On December 1, 1955, Parks refused to obey bus driver James Blake, who order her to give up her seat to a white passenger, the rest is proud American history.

Mothers have led nations before such as Florence Nightingale who came to be known as “The Lady with the Lamp”, her lasting contribution came in founding the modern nursing profession. She became the shining example for nurses everywhere, focused on compassion, and commitment to patient care. Her name mentioned at every nurse graduation and nurse pin ceremony worldwide, her name provokes compassion, and commitment second to none.

Today in history, we are experiencing a void deep in the hearts of all our citizens, that only a Mother’s love can fulfill, bring joy to, and protect us. History sings out to its citizens. It is truly a Mother’s Time because of a common sense leader such as Sarah Palin is well overdue!

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2010-Midterm Elections Coming Early To The State of Massachusetts

It appears that perhaps the 2010-midterm elections coming early to the State of Massachusetts. With the passing of Ted Kennedy, filling his senatorial seat decided by a special election. As Massachusetts’ law stand today the special election will be open to all political parties. Massachusetts law requires a special election within 145-160 days after a Senate seat becomes vacant and the law prohibits the governor from making an interim appointment. This was not always the case in Massachusetts, which last changed its succession law in 2004 to require a special election. Before that change, the governor could name a successor. At the time, the Democrat Party worried that the Republican Governor Mitt Romney would be able to fill any vacancy created if Democratic Senator John Kerry became elected president, obviously changing the rules to best fit the Democrat Party’s politics of the day (Source: CNN).

Imagine what would happen if we change the rules to favor the New York Yankees before the next Boston Red Sox World Series.

Ironically, the American Revolution began at Christ Church in Boston where it was “one if by land, two if by sea,” by passionate people who believed in freedom, liberty, and developed what we call today democracy (Source: Library of Congress). Such important history beginning in Massachusetts is on the verge of historic significance once again.

The question now becomes will the Democrat Party change the rules to keep this senatorial seat or will they put their trust in our democracy and fair play?



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Democracy is Not A Polite and Pretty Entity


Many of my liberal, moderate, and conservative friends focus more on the argument than the actual importance of having the argument. Agree or not, the disagreement of different political viewpoints represents the only true important factor in the rhetoric. We must never stop debating, never stop disagreeing, and never stop questioning because that is what democracy is all about. Democracy is not a polite and pretty entity; it can become fearful for the light-at-heart. When we stop arguing, when the rhetoric becomes one-sided, when any side is no longer willing to question, we achieve pure submission. Submission does not work in a democracy; submission is not liberty nor is it being free. The human race has not achieved the top of the food chain because we were submissive. The human race represents the uppermost part of the food chain because we are willing to risk all to get our point across. What does this all mean, there is no real democracy without passionate rhetoric! Regardless of where your political beliefs reside, be it left, middle or right, is not the concern, what is important is questioning our government to keep them honest and true to our best wishes. When we are questioning, we’re pro-actively taking the time to understand each issue that interests us, and affects us, as long as we independently determine our own belief at the end of the day that is true democracy. Read, write, and question everything!

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Sarah Palin, the common folks 21st century American Knight!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, the common folks 21st century American Knight!

Why do the silver spoon-fed aristocrats hate Governor Palin so much?

This hatred comes from her association with the common folks. Today’s embedded long-term career politicians are no different from the noble class of the Middle Ages. Then out of the American last wild frontier comes a woman not groomed for greatness by attending the finest private schools money could buy. She is a natural people organizer, positive proof that you don’t have to buy votes to win elections. She is a person who’s family is as unpredictable as our own, and far from perfect, yet so truly loved. Her examples of genuine love for her family are an aristocrat’s worst nightmare.

Here is why the aristocrats are now worried, our economic system shaped like a pyramid, the wealthiest 10% of United States families own more than 72% of the total wealth. (Source: Race, class, and gender in the United States by Paula S. Rothenberg) This means the remaining 90% represent the second class citizens, the common folks, and the middle class. 90% of anything represents an amazing number of votes that reacts to positive emotion. Governor Palin gives people a reason for positive emotion, and she gives them a reason to believe that common folks can become great leaders in our society. She represents the truest form of the American dream, still alive today in the 21st Century.

Compounding the aristocrat’s dilemma is the aristocrats can only afford to buy off about 20% of these common folks; the remaining 80% represent a voting revolution thirsty for a new leader.

The aristocrats believe that Sarah Palin is this leader, a common folks 21st century American Knight. She may or may not be the next chosen one, what she will do is shake up the aristocrat tree, and we will all be better-off because of it!

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