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Leader’s Number One Responsibility is to Make Other Leaders!

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A leader’s number one responsibility in an organization is to make leaders in that same organization. A leader’s number two responsibilities are to get other people to do productive stuff. In addition, this stuff can range from productive efficient stuff the brings value to the organization or busy work that provides a perception that everyone is working very hard.

Early on your leadership career, you have to determine what kind of leader you are going to be. Our definition of a perfect leader is one who makes other leaders, who encourages other people who are within close proximity of you to lead, to take charge and get the right stuff done. Alternatively, are you going to be that leader who always keeps people busy, making people look like they are doing something? The difficulty with some leadership, there is a risk; you might create a leader whose extraordinary motivated talent brings greater value to your organization than you do.

Here is the light bulb effect in this blog, as a leader, that is your goal and responsibility to the organization.

You should always encourage people within close proximity of you to lead. To take charge, to be so motivated, enthusiastic, and encouraged by your leadership style, that they desire bigger and better things throughout their leadership careers. When those around you are motivated enough to surpass you, that is the ultimate responsibility for a leader. From my personal experience, that encourages me to go onto bigger and better opportunities in the organization as well!

Now “Go-Out” and encourage others to lead!

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