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Do you believe the Miracle on 34th Street model can work in Higher Education?

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Do you believe the Miracle on 34th Street model can work in Higher Education?

Referring another school when your school does not offer what the student wants…

The US College and University community, to continue to ensure the highest academic degree programs of interest and continue to prosper in business. The higher-education industry must begin to think out-of-the-box, by developing and implementing academic countermeasures that are greater than their own university’s business interests.

Studies show that the natural by-product of students experiencing academic interests that they perceive are met (what is important to them), results in higher retention and graduation rates.

In the best interest of students, we give referrals to our college and university friends, or perhaps institutions that you may list as competition. Especially when the other institutions have the best academic degree programs of interest that the student’s desires to enroll in.

In my travels, I have noticed some higher education institutions are doing this already, and that is where I got the idea from for this blog article, thank you 🙂

However, we are far from there yet; how many times do admissions people tell the student prospect that we do not offer that program you’re interested in; however, this program we offer is just as good or similar?

I know in business; we sell our own brand. However, when this occurs in higher education (this is my opinion) the message, you are promoting is mediocre academic interests is the normality at your school.

The Miracle on 34th Street model, when Macy’s Department Store referred Gimbals Department store because Gimbals had the best skates. Every good movie begins as a very smart idea; proof is Macys is still in business and Gimbals closed their last store in 1987.

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