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the Few & the Many

Dr. Pietro Savo - American Writer The wisdom of the over educated perceived experts is what I call the few is not as productive as what I call the rest of us the many. For the record, the many are powered by our community’s survival skills. The few cannot hope to make best policy for the many. The few can only hope to learn from the many’ s lessons not yet written in any book. The many that begin the day with less, and make do with less, these are people well worth learning from.

The many are the Engines of Progress; the true enterprising people; the true shakers and movers of society; the true believers that the impossible is always possible.

Society (community) is an amazing unwritten book. The smart few that do pay close attention to the many; base their learning in historical experiences and derive comparisons to modern-day experiences. The few who work and live among the many are more productive. These few are closer to the reality and can quickly help the many capitalize even greater on the successes that come from necessity of daily survival.

The secret formula for success comes from studying the many’ s survival skills and identifying what are the successful strategies, then duplicate and share these strategies with the entire community.

The smart few will deploy and share this understanding with everyone they come in contact with. The truest smart few will focus on the value to the many over the value to self…

Societies’ big picture we need the smart few because they help the many witness the value in their own identity.

by AMERICAN WRITER Dr. Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2012

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