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Business Name & Brand Name

American Writer 2011 Pietro Savo

When selecting a business name, think about Brand Name; I always analyze the marketability not just for today, but 2 to 3 steps out into the future, much like a chess game.

A chess game falls into three categories, the 1st is the Beginning or Opening Game, 2nd is the Middle Game, and the 3rd is the End Game.

Marketing is very similar to a chess game, for example:

  • (1st )Beginning or Opening Game (A new product or service with a strong Brand Name) – Focus on a product or service that is important to you, become an expert, and share this expertise with as many people as possible. This connects the Brand Name to you.
  • (2nd) Middle Game (Products, services established in the market, building on the Brand Name becomes our consumer’s reality) – The consumer’s reality is the only reality that counts. When the consumer favors your product or services they will buy it and share it, and let other people know about it. If the consumer does not, then quickly, adjust your reality to match theirs.
  • (3rd) End Game (in marketing 5, 10, and15 years becomes the goal and end game, to only relinquished this market grip, when your business decides to change direction). – No short-term goals, own the market for product and services you deliver, squeeze every marketing value out of it, it must be your judgment when to get out.

Always plan every detail up front in real time, this promotes Brand Name, Sustainably and Market Leadership.

by AMERICAN WRITER Pietro Savo Tradition Books Publication © 2011


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