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A Paramedic is the Original Gene Pool Lifeguard is Funny!


The life of a paramedic, rescuing kittens from trees was the olden days; today it is as if you are fishing for idiots. Living in the people jungle the time-honored saying “you can’t make this stuff up” simply happens. Just recently a 17-year-old driver who had stopped to rescue a turtle in the middle-of-the-road placed the turtle in the car. Shortly after driving off, the turtle began to crawl on the driver’s leg frightening him, and causing the driver to crash into a large maple tree. The paramedics credited with two rescues that night, the scared driver and turtle. For the record, a paramedic is the original gene pool lifeguard; the occasional practical jokes or funny experiences make their job worthwhile. Humor is nature’s sanity check and makes for our daily survival to go on and appreciate another day. Humor also helps lighten the frame of mind of scared patients who could use a little healthy distraction in their lives during potentially life-or-death situations. (Fishing for Idiots and Gene Pool Lifeguard; source a Connecticut Paramedic)

Humor is great healing medication, so tell jokes or do funny stuff fits right in whenever you can. This morning my 17 year-old son was heading to school wearing two different sneakers, I noticed and was quickly told to lighten up, and off he went. Everyone needs humor in their lives; a Stanford School of Medicine study reported the average kindergarten student laughs 300 times a day and the average adult only 17 laughs a day. Laughter said to rid us of tension, stress, anger, anxiety, grief, and depression. Laughter releases our suppressed emotion, and wearing two different sneakers in public is funny, so lighten up!


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